From The Little Way Of Ruthie Leming:

Truth to tell, Ruthie really was doing a lot better. So I allowed myself to hope that maybe Ruthie would be one of the tiny number of non-small-cell lung cancer patients — one percent — who make it five years or longer. Only two percent of lung cancer cases occur in people forty-five years old or younger; might Ruthie not be as lucky now as she was unlucky before? Perhaps she would achieve her goal of surviving until Hannah’s high school graduation in 2011.

Her old schoolmate Stephanie Toney Simpson ran into Ruthie at a football game during Hannah’s senior year.

“I have been feeling so bad, and I know things have been progressing, and I know things are happening, and I won’t be here as long as I want to be,” she told Stephanie. “I”m asking you to pray for me to stay alive long enough to see Hannah graduate.”

“I will pray that for you, Ruthie,” Stephanie said.

What you see in the clip above is an answered prayer.

Four months after the triumph recorded there, Ruthie died. But she lived long enough to see Hannah graduate. Glory to God for all things.