A preschool teacher in Colorado has been arrested in possession of 4,100 child porn images. Additionally, prosecutors found a journal in which he kept meticulous records of his daily interactions with the female students in his class, including physical contact. More:

What prosecutors described as “grooming behavior,” defense attorney Paul McCormick said was a record of benign, caring interactions between a preschool teacher and his students. McCormick did not attempt to deny Moe was interested in child pornography but instead suggested that Moe build a “wall” between his online activities and his professional interactions with children.

Prosecutors revealed the existence of the journal at a Tuesday detention hearing in Denver federal court. They are making the case to Magistrate Judge Michael Hegarty that Moe is a danger to the community and should not be released pending trial.

The judge seemed skeptical that the journal was a smoking gun. Instead, Judge Hegarty suggested, it might simply be a child care worker’s log of day-to-day activities chronicled in order to provide a defense against allegations of inappropriate conduct.

The judge also noted that while the journal included entries about Moe’s frustration to attract the romantic attention of adult women, it did not contain overt sexual references to children.

Good grief.

And by the way, what kind of 45-year-old man wants to work as a preschool teacher? I don’t get it.