That’s an interesting thought for a thread. What are the causes you really care about that have advanced at all?

(Besides gay marriage, I mean. I know that half of you really really really favor gay marriage, and can point to tremendous gains on that front. We know. Let’s not have another gay marriage thread here.)

So, are there any causes you care about that have advanced? I can think of one off the top of my head: Better Food. By that, I mean interest in and availability of farm-grown, organic foodstuff, as well as interest in home vegetable gardens, artisanal food products, food localism, famrers markets, things like this. The last two local restaurants I ate in both had a whole row of beer taps selling a variety of beers brewed here in south Louisiana, and southern Mississippi. Progress!

Oh, wait — Christian classical homeschooling. That’s a big one. Thank you, Andrew Kern and good men and women pioneers like you.