So, I’ve just watched the season finale of Downton Abbey, and … good lord, Julian Fellowes, how could you?! That is NOT COOL.

Wailing, gnashing of teeth, etc.

UPDATE: Having gotten more information, I changed the “enemy of humanity” designation from Julian Fellowes to Dan Stevens. If you have not yet watched the season finale, stop reading now. If you have, read on past the jump…

Dan Stevens is the actor who played Matthew Crawley. He told series creator Julian Fellowes that he wanted out of the show. So Matthew is dead. He died in that car crash.

That is really such an awful thing to do to fans of the show. First Sybil, now Matthew? It really is hard to think about getting invested in the show for Season Four, seeing what can happen. I’m very sour tonight.

Maggie Smith is coming back for the fourth season. So there’s hope.