Fifteen years ago today, Julie and I married. Among our wedding gifts was a set of canisters, with wooden scoops. The scoop on the left belongs to the oatmeal canister. The scoop on the right belongs to the coffee bean canister, and has from the very beginning of our marriage. Both started out the same color of the one on the left. For fifteen years of bedtimes, I have been plunging that wooden scoop into a canister of coffee beans, bringing up four and a half scoops, grinding it, and putting the ground beans into the coffee pot for morning. Fifteen years of drinking strong hot coffee every morning with my true love, the one whom I prayed for so long would come.

Fifteen years of great coffee and fifteen years of great marriage, wicked day by day into that wooden scoop.

I sure do love you, Julie Dreher.

UPDATE: Here we are leaving the church after our wedding. Sorry it’s blurry; I took it through the frame. But Caroline Nina asked for it in the combox thread, so here ya go: