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Trump, Clinton, And Twilight America

Deploying an army of stars in the nation’s darkening skies

Posted October 26th, 2016

With A Rebel Yell

The coming civil disobedience from orthodox Christians who refuse any longer to shore up the decadent imperium

Posted October 24th, 2016

Chaput Vs. Catholic Assimilation

Philadelphia archbishop calls on Catholics to embrace countercultural identity

Posted October 19th, 2016

Going Back To Elk County

Economist says PA county not as Ben Op as claimed. Area Man™ disputes that

Posted October 19th, 2016

‘Benedict, Rebuild My Church’

Constructing a monastery in Norcia, and a future for the church in the West

Posted October 18th, 2016

Politics At the Dinner Table

An example of the antipolitical politics of the Benedict Option

Posted October 18th, 2016

Democratic Conspiracy Against Catholic Church

Hillary campaign chief in secret plot to foment ‘revolution’ inside Church

Posted October 12th, 2016

After Liberalism

The Benedict Option and neoreaction

Posted October 10th, 2016

Elk County Benedict Option

Are you Catholic? Seeking a good Catholic place to live the Ben Op? This guy wants to hear from you

Posted October 6th, 2016

A Turning Back — To Where?

Would the Benedict Option save the last remnant of Welsh Christianity?

Posted October 2nd, 2016

Boundaries and the Benedict Option

Why we can’t all just get along: a response to Gerald Schlabach

Posted September 28th, 2016

The End Of Liberal Democracy?

How is liberal democracy like communism? Catholic philosopher Ryszard Legutko, who lived under and resisted both systems, explains it all

Posted September 26th, 2016

Trump: Harbinger Of A New Age

Sneer at him all you want, but the Trumpening is going to determine the West’s future

Posted September 16th, 2016

Ben Op Community Support Bleg

What should Christian communities be doing now to support each other economically?

Posted September 15th, 2016

Front Porch Republic @ Notre Dame

Talking Benedict Option with the Porchers at Our Lady’s university

Posted September 13th, 2016

Pilgrims Vs. Tourists

Zygmunt Bauman on navigating life’s journey in postmodernity

Posted September 8th, 2016

Pre-Order The Benedict Option

Publication date is March 14, 2017 — but you can reserve your copy now

Posted August 23rd, 2016