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Scott McConnell is a founding editor of TAC

Gladhanding Investment Bankers Not the Best Look for Macron

He is a genuine man of mystery.

Le Pen Will Get Her Chance

The first poll shows Macron beating Le Pen 62–38. I’m pretty sure she’ll do better than that.

Causeur Editor Gil Mihaely Sits Down with TAC

The French magazine believes in sovereign states with borders.

The Battle for France

The new intellectualism of cultural anxiety

Le Pen Doubles Down at Crunch Time

Her ideal France wants simply to be able to be itself.

Emmanuel Macron, Blairite for the Current Season

He is an appealing candidate in many ways and would be more so under different circumstances.

Did Le Pen Trip or Boost Herself With Her Holocaust Reference?

Her position was one long maintained by both de Gaulle and Mitterrand.

The Muslim ‘Issue’ in the French Campaign

It’s always present but little discussed.

France: Veering Left? Right?

Who knows.

Fifteen Years of TAC

The magazine could never have survived without support from readers.

Bolton Is Trouble; Tillerson Isn’t

The former wants to take America back to the foreign policy of George W. Bush.

Trump Campaign: ‘Platform for White Supremacists’?

What an accusation leveled against Kellyanne Conway says about the future of this country.

The Trump Era’s Promise

Americans are setting off into uncharted territory. We needed to do that.

Rise of the Alt-Right

White nationalism is still marginal—but anti-globalism isn’t.

Hillary Covers Her Bases

She tried to steal trade skeptics from Trump, but has little room to move on immigration and crime.

Trump Returns to Court Politics

Who will have the king’s ear on foreign policy?

An Uneasy Alliance With the GOP

Inside the convention, there is both Trump enthusiasm and mere acceptance. Outside, there is only anger.

A Convention Like Every Other?

Despite high security and the threat of disruption, Monday mostly displayed normalcy.

Why Trump Wins

He knows border wars have replaced culture wars.

Donald Trump, Presumptive Nominee

Voters long frustrated by establishment positions on trade and immigration found their voice.

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