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Does Sesame Street Deserve Government Funding?

Big Bird doesn’t need the money, and neither do so many other organizations grabbing special privileges and advantages through access to the federal largess pool.

The Meaning of Trump

He alone perceived America’s status quo crisis.

The Greatest Presidents

Historians agree on the top three. Below that, there are fascinating trends in opinion.

Why ‘America First’ Resonates

A new poll shows that the public wants a foreign policy grounded in the national interest.

A Profound Question Behind the Immigration Debate

What kind of country do we want our country to be?

The Audacity of Trump

The inaugural address drew on powerful nationalist themes from the campaign. Now it’s all about performance.

How Will History Assess Obama?

His performance was neither sterling nor a disaster.

James M. Perry, 1927–2016

He was a throwback to the straight-up journalism of old.

Americans Want Foreign-Policy Restraint

A new poll shows how Trump captured the public sentiment that both neoconservatives and liberal interventionists have ignored.

Renew Your Support of The American Conservative in 2017

We’re all in this project together.

Taiwan and Trump’s Nixonian Opportunity

Today’s circumstances demand different—but no less bold—diplomatic tactics.

Unlocking the Election

The keys that predict victory could pose bad news for Clinton.

James Polk’s Realpolitik

Was the Mexican War gratuitous conquest or strategic statesmanship?

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