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Why Do People Move to the Suburbs?

And what are 'the suburbs,' anyway?

A tweet from earlier today by Will Stancil, a researcher at the University of Minnesota’s Institute on Metropolitan Opportunity, has blown up on “urbanist Twitter”:

There are obviously a wide variety of reasons why people move to the suburbs, and there are data points that suggest both a “return to the city” as well as the enduring popularity of suburbia. The suburbs themselves have evolved, with some deeply urbanized, some poor, and many extremely diverse, a transformation that many do not quite grasp.

The evolution of suburbia, as well as the growing popularity of mixed-use projects and New Urbanist-style developments, makes it difficult to pinpoint what “leaving the city for the suburbs” even means, in many cases. Open thread here: we’d like your thoughts on Stancil’s assertion. Open thread.

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