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Devlin: What Heritage President Roberts Told Me About Crashing Experience

State of the Union: Even the Davoisie reap what they sow.


The Heritage Foundation’s President Dr. Kevin Roberts has been going viral alongside Argentinian President Javier Milei for making pointed comments at the World Economic Forum in Davos.

Roberts and Milei’s messages boiled down to one simple truth this magazine has preached for more than twenty years: The globalist elites are the problem. Which is why The American Conservative was pleased to published Roberts’s remarks in full.


After Roberts’s WEF debut, I and a few other journalists were able to ask the Heritage president a few questions about his experiences with the Davoisie.

Roberts said both he and Milei were “having fun” with their WEF appearances. The reason? “I think it's because we believe we're going to win, and we're going to win regardless of whether the typical Davos attendee is reformable or not,” Roberts explained. “I really hope they are, otherwise I wouldn't be here. But my expectation based on evidence, which is all of these years of meetings they've had here, is that they're going to continue to make excuses for how and why they operate the way they do.”

Nevertheless, “the cynic in me, which is most of me, thinks that it’s an attempt to co-opt the political right,” Roberts added.

There is something beautifully ironic that a gathering seemingly hell-bent on destroying culture, family, religion, and tradition goes under the name of the World Economic Forum. That irony is not lost on Roberts either. “The greatest change that can happen here, the most meaningful, would be a focus on families, on culture, on human flourishing,” Roberts said. “What an improvement it would be in Davos just to see that noblesse oblige,” though later adding he’s “not holding [his] breath.”

I also asked Roberts about the reported jostling between the large Chinese delegation and the U.S. government representation. “I know from a couple of meetings that I’ve had, including with a couple of foreign governments, foreign leaders, that there is a great contest happening inside Davos, which is the contest that’s happening around the world, and that is the Chinese Communist Party, trying to displace the United States as the world’s hegemon. And that’s fascinating to see.” Roberts replied. “The evidence I can pass along is mostly anecdotal, but it’s happening, and I’ve heard some comments to that effect from some other attendees.”

An empowered China throwing its weight around at the World Economic Forum? One bright attendee might even wonder how China got so rich and powerful in the first place. Even at Davos, you reap what you sow.