What Is The Repository?

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The Repository is The American Conservative’s archive of classic texts from the past two centuries (and before) that best express the philosophy of tradition and ordered freedom.

Here you will find the long unheard voices of such Old Right statesmen as Robert A. Taft and James A. Reed; the philosophical New Humanism of Irving Babbitt and Paul Elmer More; and the Agrarianism that connects Thomas Jefferson to Wendell Berry. Selections from the greatest Tory and Old Whig thinkers of the British Isles and the most daring counter-revolutionary minds of the Continent will also appear in this department.

Too many Americans believe that conservatism starts with Ronald Reagan or Barry Goldwater, and even many intellectuals on the right by convention begin their genealogies in 1945. But conservatism has deeper origins, and The Repository—with new items added weekly—will bring this long-hidden heritage to light.