Realism & Restraint

America Prime No Longer: In Syria, Regional Powers Step Up

The U.S. wasn’t party to the most recent agreement there—and that’s okay.

Stop Wasting American Power on Sanctions

They’re our favorite solution to every foreign policy problem–besides war.

Trump Enlists Gen. Zinni For Quixotic Arab NATO Campaign

At some point he’ll realize the Gulf region is a graveyard of failed ideas for collective security.

The Proxy War Over Trump’s Foreign Policy

Rand Paul and Lindsey Graham are battling for the president’s ear—and Paul seems to be winning.

Washington’s Influence in Syria is Nowhere to be Found

Yet we’re still there, threatening Assad as though we won the war.

U.S. Again Cries ‘Chemical Warfare’ in Syria

Officials still can’t confirm there was a gas attack in April. So on what grounds do they predict a new one?

Washington Quietly Increases Lethal Weapons to Ukraine

Critics who say Trump is being “soft on Russia” should be paying attention to this.

MORE IN Realism & Restraint

Accepting a Nuclear North Korea to Contain China

Even a superpower can’t have everything it wants. Right now Beijing is the bigger problem.

The Arc of History Bends Toward Nuclear-Armed Countries

Who is more secure today, North Korea and Iran or Libya and Ukraine?

The Pentagon is Building Up Its Troop Presence…in Norway

If this sounds like the Cold War strategy of containment, it is. The military only knows one enemy: the USSR.

Atrocities in Yemen Speak to Trump’s Moral Character

He ignores his role in the destruction of Yemen, yes. But why do we let him control the conversation?

The Madness of Military Intervention in Venezuela

Bomb, invade, occupy a country, and watch it flourish?

Not One More American Life Should Be Expended for Afghanistan

There is no hope of victory in the war against the Taliban today.

Why America Must Put Interests Before Ideals

Both are important, but prioritizing the latter leads to needless humanitarian wars that don’t work.

Yes, the Press Helps Start Wars

History shows that a jingoistic media can whip up support for hardline policies, as Trump rightly pointed out.

The Trump Doctrine Has Foreign Policy Elites Pulling Out Their Hair

But his policies are, in fact, right out of the standard GOP playbook.

The Much Diminished Russian Bear

Putin might be loud and disruptive, but he’s hardly the neo-Soviet menace that many Westerners see.