Realism & Restraint

Why Tiny Qatar May Be Our Greatest Hope in the Iran Crisis

No matter what Saudi Arabia and Israel’s friends in Washington say.

McMaster Uses Worn Vietnam Trope to Accuse Americans of Defeatism

After nearly 18 years in Afghanistan, the people know the war is lost. When will Washington elites let go?

From Boeing to E-Ring: Shanahan is Industry’s Man in the Pentagon

Trump’s nominee for secretary of defense could be the ultimate fox in the henhouse.

Is America Ready for John Bolton’s War With Iran?

Recently dispatched B-52s and ships are an act of theatrical bravado that ignore the real threat.

The Stoic Grief of the Gold Star Mothers

This Mother’s Day, let’s remember those who have sacrificed so much in our wars of choice.

Making Sense of American-Made and Fueled Bombs in Yemen

Nearly one third of coalition airstrikes have targeted civilians in schools, hospitals, and markets.

The Left Needs to Stop Crushing on the Generals

Just because liberals don’t like Trump doesn’t mean the brass are their saviors—or even good strategists.

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The country is in crisis, but it isn’t ours to deal with, despite the strident tub-thumping of Bolton, Pompeo, and Rubio.

What if Iran Retaliates and Shuts Down the Strait of Hormuz?

Some 18 million barrels of oil transit through every day. The economic impact would be catastrophic.

When Nixon Told Us Invading Cambodia Would Save Civilization

Inflammatory and hysterical language was used then, as it is now, to camouflage reality.

The Kosovo War at 20

How this oft-forgotten conflict unleashed our hyper-powered American exceptionalism and birthed an era of forever war.

The Constitutional Travesty of Our War in Yemen

Once again, a president has usurped war powers belonging to Congress, with disastrous results.

Is the Trump Administration Helping the Saudis Build a Bomb?

The crown prince can’t be trusted with a bone saw, let alone nuclear weapons.

Navy SEAL on Trial: War Criminal or Patriot?

The 18-year-old war on terror comes home as Eddie Gallagher faces charges of killing civilians and trying to cover it up.

Putin, Xi, Assad, and Maduro vs. the American Hegemon

The U.S. is now the common enemy and a new axis is working to make it irrelevant.

Where Trump and Bibi’s Interests Clash

The President may have given Netanyahu all he wanted to win re-election, but he can’t give him Iran.

America Just Declared War on Iran and Nobody Blinked

After a destabilizing move by Trump, it’s no longer a question of if U.S. forces will die but when.