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North Korea ‘Deception’: NYT Malpractice or Laziness?

In this latest distortion of ‘smoking gun’ satellite images, the media continues its attempts to blow up Trump’s nuke negotiations.

Rand Paul: Saudi Arabia is Number One at Spreading Terror

Speaking at TAC’s annual conference, the senator called out MbS, Iran sanctions, and ‘Trump Derangement Syndrome.’ (Watch)

A Yemen Ceasefire? Believe It When You See It

While Pompeo and Mattis talk tough, the Saudis are readying for another offensive designed to starve civilians.

Trump Surrenders to John Bolton on Russia and Arms Control

Of course he’s not the first president the arch hawk has convinced to ditch a nuke treaty.

Will Congress Have the Spine to Defy Trump on a Russian Nuke Treaty?

Trump wants to pull out while many GOP senators are opposed. But will they actually stand up for what’s right?

Poking the Russian Bear With the NATO Umbrella

Our Western European partners thought it was a bad idea then, and do now. Why aren’t we listening?

Is China Waiting Us Out?

While the U.S. bombs, Xi Jinping is building—one power play at a time.

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Why Jamal Khashoggi Was Killed

A new whisper campaign against him is trying to blur the truth: that he criticized certain U.S-Arab alliances, and paid the price.

Iran Deserves Credit for the Ruin of ISIS

But is the U.S. now allowing its last remnants to survive in Syria to spite Tehran?

The Nuclear Trump Card

The Donald has the best shot at nuclear disarmament of any president over the last 20 years.

Is This the Break With Saudi Arabia We’ve Been Waiting For?

Trump has threatened ‘severe punishment’ for alleged murder of journalist Jamal Khashoggi. Let’s hope he means it.

Is It Time to Kick Out One Leg of the Nuclear Triad?

An argument for eliminating the ICBM Fleet in favor of a more cost-effective, safe dyad.

Resisting Today’s Imperialist Temptation

A new book says nationalism isn’t the problem; it’s the antidote. But can that be true?

Donald Trump Must Go to North Korea Now

While that might seem premature and perhaps a little unhinged, follow my logic for a moment.

MacArthur’s Last Stand Against a Winless War

He leaned on JFK to stay out of Vietnam. Had Kennedy survived, might history have been different?

Let Americans Visit North Korea Now

Kim has expressed his desire for contact with Americans. The Trump administration should give it to him.

Hired to Drain the Swamp, Fired in Less Than a Year

‘This is the Boeing mafia in all of its glory,’ one DoD official said of John ‘Jay’ Gibson’s mysterious demise.