Realism & Restraint

Charles Beard: Punished for Seeking Peace

His reputation was savaged because he had the temerity to question the ‘Good War’ narrative.

Let’s Hope These Rebels Never ‘Court Extinction’

Antiwar Republicans like Thomas Massie have been punished for bucking the hawkish order. But they’ve fought on.

The Dogs of War Sniff Out Mission in Central Africa

If we don’t do it—the growing narrative goes—Russia, China, and ISIS will.

Mike Pompeo Threatens China With War

Has the White House thought through the implications of his Secretary of State’s loaded rhetoric?

Don’t Allow McConnell To Thwart Vote on Yemen

As politicians play games on Capitol Hill, an entire country roils with hunger, disease and destruction.

Can These Senators Prevail Over UAE-Saudi Lobby for War?

If the vote to end our Yemen involvement passes next week it will be despite foreign cash aimed at stopping it.

The Promise in This Week’s ‘Failed’ Trump-Kim Talks

Now is the time to bring in the one person capable of putting the talks back on track: Moon Jae-in.

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The Army’s Iraq War History: Truth-Telling or Mythmaking?

The military is great at telling us what went wrong but who they blame is more controversial.

Donald Trump, Peace President?

Perhaps, but he also shows the limits of having advisors who don’t want restraint.

The Face of Imperial Overstretch

From Caracas to Tehran, Trump appears to be a caretaker rather than a check on reflexive interventionism.

How NATO Pushed the U.S. Into the Libya Fiasco

Obama officials reveal how relentlessly our ‘allies’ lobbied for this ill-advised regime change war.

The Blob and the Hell of Good Intentions

Stephen Walt takes aim at the dysfunctional caste of privileged insiders who botch our foreign policy and then ‘fail up.’

Walter Jones Cried While the Rest of Them Lied

The late Congressman spent the rest of his life committed to doing penance for his Iraq War vote.

Trump Has a Chance for a History-Making Deal With North Korea

A lot could go wrong at the Vietnam talks. But success could finally bring peace to the Korean Peninsula.

Beltway Warriors Target China as the Next Global Threat

We drained all of our resources in the Middle East. Now we turn further East in search of monsters to destroy?

Trump’s ‘Eyeball-to-Eyeball’ Orders to the Generals on Syria

Despite the storm and fury, the Syria withdrawal policy is unambiguous and going forward.

When Conspiracy Is The Only Explanation For Failed Neo-Liberal Dreams

It couldn’t possibly be that their Davos ideals were weak. Russia must be to blame.