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How the U.S. Facilitated a Quiet Iranian Invasion of Iraq

Newly leaked documents show Tehran's extensive colonization of Baghdad since our 2003 invasion. Surprised?
Robert Merry November 22, 2019

The Small But Brave Cadre of Conservative Anti-War Republicans

They didn't put their finger to the political wind when it came to Syria and Yemen.
Hunter DeRensis November 19, 2019

North Korea is Calling, But Trump’s Too Busy to Answer

Kim Jong-un is agitated and waiting for a deal, while the president remains distracted by impeachment.
Harry J. Kazianis November 18, 2019

Blame American Ineptitude for Russian-Chinese Bonding

Thanks to our self-defeating foreign policy, these two mismatched powers are now strengthening relations on a global scale.
Brian Clark November 16, 2019

Why the Hawks Are Wrong About China Too

Yes, we need to pivot towards Asia, but that doesn't mean we should treat Beijing as an enemy.
Doug Bandow November 14, 2019

Why U.S. Cyber Sneak Attacks Won’t Work Against Iran

Just another useless maximum pressure tactic that's failing to weaken the regime.
Bonnie Kristian November 12, 2019

When ‘High Body Count’ Was an American War Policy

Trump asked, ‘what kind of people would kill so many to strengthen their position?’ Enter the wayback machine, 1968.
Nick Turse November 11, 2019

Watch: TAC’s ‘Regime Change’ Foreign Policy Conference

Trump's foreign policy, getting out of the Middle East, how to defeat the Beltway Blob--we tackled it all.
TAC Staff November 7, 2019

Finally an Unvarnished History of the Iraq Invasion

A fresh take says there's more than enough blame to go around---up and down the chain of command.
Mark Perry November 7, 2019

Washington Elites Are Chaining Us to the Middle East

The hysterical response to the Syria withdrawal came with dire predictions that just aren't true.
Ivan Eland November 5, 2019