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Trump Does More Than OK in O.K.

State of the Union: Former President Donald Trump wins Oklahoma in a landslide.

Credit: Evan El-Amin

Oklahoma has been called for former President Donald Trump. It’s another notch in the former president’s belt as he aims to come within striking distance of the delegates needed to become the Republican party’s presumptive presidential nominee for the third straight cycle.

The race was called just past 8:20 p.m. eastern time by the Associated Press. When the race was called, Trump had captured 77.8 percent of the vote to former South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley’s 19.1 percent with only 6 percent reporting. Trump’s lead was falling short of a recent Morning Consult poll’s predicted margin of 77 percent. Trump's projected margin of victory, per the New York Times, was 49 percent at the time.

Another president, the current incumbent Joe Biden is also projected to carry his party’s Oklahoma primary with ease. When the race was called, Biden had captured 79.3 percent of the vote. Second place Dean Phillips, a Minnesota congressman, had just 8.2 percent.

Neither victory means very much. Deep red Oklahoma is a lock come November as the former president carried the state by more than a two to one margin in 2016 and 2020, both times exceeding the GOP’s large advantage in registered voters over the Democratic party.

For the Sooner state, it seems the sooner Trump can wrap up the nomination, the better.


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