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The War To Protect The Unborn Is Just Beginning

As states pass abortion bans, the left looks to circumvent the law.

Abortion-rights activists holding signs, gather in Franklin
(Photo by Probal Rashid/LightRocket via Getty Images)

A lot of writers and media talking heads always enjoy being right. They rarely are. For twenty years now, however, The American Conservative has been right—right about American adventurism in the Middle East, right about the dangers of free trade and open borders, right about the hazards of monopoly power, right about the perils of putting Wall Street over Main Street. For the sake of this canary-in-the-coal-mine of a publication, better right than wrong—but that doesn’t mean we always enjoy it. It's become a running joke in the office among the staff, as I’m sure it has been from time to time over the past two decades: wouldn’t it be nice if one, just one, of our dire predictions didn’t come to pass?

Well, that time hasn’t come yet. And this time, dear reader, it’s my turn to be correct. 


In early May, a source from the Supreme Court leaked a draft opinion of the Dobbs case. The prospect of states deciding that a woman does not have the right to slaughter their unborn child sent the left into yet another blood-thirsty frenzy. They circled like sharks outside of the Supreme Court, shouting “my body, my choice!” and other banal slogans. Corporate America and the legacy media ceaselessly chummed the waters. Threats were made on conservative Justices’ lives, pregnancy centers were attacked. It was all so vile and gruesome, especially given the fact that all the Dobbs decision really meant was that in some states more babies would live beyond the confines of their mothers’ wombs. But the Supreme Court stood its ground. On June 24, the decision was rendered: Roe was no more.

Sometime in between the leak and the official decision, I wrote a web piece titled “A Harbinger For Post-Roe America,” outlining the current troubles Poland is having maintaining their relatively strict abortion laws, especially when women decide to travel outside the country to receive abortions or order abortion pills to their stoop. Since Poland’s changes to its abortion laws took effect in late January of 2021, abortions have cratered; nevertheless, more than 34,000 women in Poland received illegal abortions at home or abroad. Most are not prosecuted.

Here’s what I wrote in June: 

If a child in their mother’s womb has a right to life that the Polish government is obligated to protect, what difference does it make if a woman decides to murder her child on her own accord? If a woman seeks to rid herself of her child in Germany or the Czech Republic, does that make the child any less entitled to the protections guaranteed under Polish law? If a doctor sees that a patient is suddenly no longer pregnant, and finds evidence an abortion has taken place, does said doctor have the responsibility to report his findings—the murder of an unborn child?

These are all questions conservatives need to not just reckon with, but have actionable answers for, in the context of a post-Roe America. If the Polish left refuses to play by the rules, imagine what the abortion radicals here at home are willing to do.

Imagine what the abortion radicals here at home are willing to do. As of late, we’ve found out. Attacks and bombings of pregnancy centers that help dissuade women from that barbaric practice of abortion have only escalated. The Biden Justice Department has gone forward with raids on a bunch of pro-life activist homes—their only crime, praying and organizing in front of abortion clinics. The abortion radicals here at home also appear to be tearing a page from the Polish left as well.

A study released Tuesday by the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA) found that abortion pill import orders increased almost 120% in July and August from Aid Access—more than doubling already elevated orders that started in the spring with the leaked Dobbs opinion. Aid Access is a private initiative started by Dutch abortion activist Dr. Rebecca Gomperts that purposefully operates outside the U.S. health system in order to circumvent state abortion laws. Their website offers consultation and how-to videos for abortion pills. Considering the number of American lives Gomperts has a hand in taking, she’s likely one of the most prolific terrorists of all time.

Another study released in the past week, this one from WeCount and the Society of Family Planning, another pro-abortion outfit, found that in states where the strictest abortion bans were enacted, legal abortions fell by 7,000 a month in July and August. In states that went forward with not-so-strict abortion bans, the number of abortions fell by about 3,000. States that did not pass abortion restrictions or bans following the Dobbs decision, however, saw abortions increase by about 5,000. 

Taken together, the industrial slaughter of the unborn has only dropped about 2,000 abortions per state over the late summer months, even though overturning Roe triggered near-total abortion bans in 13 states. There is cause for celebration here: there are 100,000 more babies that will be born because we scrapped Roe. Nevertheless, abortion on an industrial scale continues apace across the country. And conservative’s number one priority—an issue that transcends the myriad of problems our nation faces, from inflation, to the southern border, to the war in Ukraine—remains to protect the lives of the unborn and vanquishing the enemies that want to extinguish innocent lives.