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The American Family Finally Has Its Own Champion

American Principles Project is launching a new effort to engage the threats American families face head-on.

The American family has been under siege for decades—economically, legally, politically, and culturally. At this point, the threats to our families are not only myriad, but also existential.

Good jobs are vanishing and wages no longer stand a chance against inflation, preventing parents from being able to give their kids all they need to thrive.

Pornography is immediately accessible, robbing children of their innocence and introducing them to radical and violent sexual behavior.

The rate of divorce is unprecedented, causing more kids than ever to grow up in an incomplete home.

Public schools remain shuttered, not out of genuine concern for health and safety, but due to selfish teachers’ unions, severely stunting the development of an entire generation of American children.

Critical race theory, despite its obvious fallaciousness, has flowed up from niche academic bastions of radicalism into all aspects of American life, threatening our nation’s foundational principles of equality and freedom of expression.

For large swaths of the country, the notion that there are two, and only two, biological sexes is deemed archaic, and those who espouse it are targets of torment and ostracization.

American parents are upset and scared, and rightly so. Not unjustifiably, they also feel powerless. Our elected officials—who are supposed to be one of our leading lines of defense—have largely been missing in action for a long, long time.

It’s hardly surprising then that the American family has been defeated again and again. Having been outnumbered and overpowered at almost every critical juncture, we’ve lost an incalculable amount of ground and been required to watch the dissipation and mockery of our most beloved principles and beliefs. It’s humiliating. More so, it’s terrifying to the core. The family has been central to the unparalleled degree of human flourishing that has blessed our entire nation. And now we have reached the precipice.

Consider this, too. Almost every special interest has a political operation or lobbying outfit working away in the halls of power to protect and advance its unique agenda. Seniors have the AARP. Gun owners have the NRA. Teachers have the NEA. Gamers have the ESA. Even clowns have the Balloon Council (seriously).

Alas, the family, which always has been and remains society’s essential institution, still lacks a singular advocate, a champion to ceaselessly fight for it in the public realm. In turn, politicians aren’t concerned with us. Currently, the consequences of bad representation are low. And so politicians simply aren’t concerned about ignoring or crossing the American family. But they should be.

The American family is naturally positioned for political engagement and, if well organized, together we would be incredibly powerful. Not only do families constitute the largest voting demographic, but pro-family issues win elections. Moreover, the concerns of the family now go beyond traditional social issues. They involve, for example, support of school choice and election integrity and opposition to Big Tech and its suffocation of freedom of expression.

Unfortunately, virtually every aspect of our lives has become political. This is, in short, a result of the sweeping expansion of government and the willingness of every elite institution in the country to aid and abet the woke left’s crusade. We don’t like the hyper-partisan nature of modern life at all. But that’s the reality. The peril has not just come to our doorstep, but literally entered our homes. It must be countered.

Families need someone to keep our elected leaders honest and pressure them to protect what we cherish. American Principles Project, already the country’s premier pro-family organization, will now take up that specific charge in a bold way.

To save the family and America, this Father’s Day, APP is launching the Big Family. It will:

  1. Organize: There are nearly 130 million families in America. We will organize them in politics. Families will be stronger when united with other families, especially those that share their values.
  1. Educate: Life is tough as it is. Most families don’t have time to keep up with the barrage of attacks against them. The Big Family will have you covered. We’ll keep you updated on all the major threats. We’ll also show you how to fight back.
  1. Engage: Slimy lobbyists have had way too much influence in this country. We’ll take them on by engaging our members in legislative battles to make sure your family is represented and safeguarded. The Big Family will combat bad legislation and strive to help pass good legislation.
  1. Vote: Politics isn’t “downstream from culture”—it’s the driving force of culture. Changes in the law lead to changes in culture. The left has understood this for years. The Big Family will keep track of the most important elections in the country and organize our members to turn out the vote in a way America has never seen before. And vitally, it will be relentlessly involved in politics, from the local level to the national stage, from school boards to the Oval Office.

APP has already identified the distinct threats that the left’s policies present to the American family. We have effectively invested in elections by targeting and engaging persuadable voters. We have successfully exploited the left’s extreme stances to deliver wins for pro-family candidates. Our track record speaks for itself.

Now, with the Big Family, APP is going to capitalize on this momentum. Join us today. Side by side, we’ll rightfully make the family the most important and most powerful political institution in Washington.

Terry Schilling is the president of American Principles Project. Follow him on Twitter @Schilling1776.