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Oregon and the Past and Future of Conservatism

I recently appeared on "Oregon Bridge," a bipartisan podcast about Oregon politics.

Many of my personal political preoccupations probably come directly from my childhood in the Pacific Northwest. Live-and-let-live localism, natural resource conservation, the complexities of federalism, personal conservatism alongside populist folk libertarianism—all are highlighted in particularly obvious ways by the pioneer culture and governmental realities of Oregon and Washington. Talk to anyone from either state about the Columbia River crossing or federal forests and you’ll quickly realize how many jurisdictions, levels of government, and interests are at play in even seemingly basic infrastructure questions and how that complicates getting anything practical done. I live and work in D.C. now in hope that a settlement can be established nationally that lets the communities I grew up in continue to flourish. I try to keep that in mind, and to stave off the temptation to play the D.C. game for its own sake. No one wins that way.

I recently had the pleasure of joining Ben Bowman and Alex Titus of the “Oregon Bridge Podcast” along with journalist Nate Hochman for a conversation about everything from conservatism after Trump to the Portland antifa riots and the struggles of the Oregon GOP. Take a listen.

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Micah Meadowcroft is managing editor of The American Conservative. He is also a 2021-21 Robert Novak journalism fellow for the Fund for American Studies. Before joining TAC he served as White House Liaison at the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, and assisted in speechwriting there. He holds an MA in social science from the University of Chicago, where he wrote on political theory. Previously, he worked as associate editor of the Washington Free Beacon. This is his second stint at TAC, as not so long ago he was an editorial assistant for the magazine. His BA is in history from Hillsdale College, where he also minored in journalism. Micah hails from the Pacific Northwest, and like Odysseus hopes to return home someday after long exile in the East.

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