There is no more time, time is less;
Losing time, time has gained on us
Until our time has come, our time run out,
Leaving time for us to wait.

No more time wasted in endless talk,
Timeless words muttered without end,
It is well past time to stop and think
About what little time we still have left.

Redeem the time, the days are long,
Summertime is dark and knows it not.
The End of time came to His own,
But no prophet has honour in his time.

In the beginning was the End,
Outside of time both are One.
Through the End all things were made;
Renewing them is the glory of the Son.

The past is foreign, say the scribes,
But there is no ‘past’ to one who seeks.
Time will heal all wounds, explain all things;
Memory undoes the past, and makes it real.

In the End, there is no more time,
Beyond the timeless lies the Real
Recalling all things to the End
Whence they came and then began.


There was no time remembered, time forgot
When reveries were lost to men in sleep;
Keeping fast a steady watch on time
The seer’s watch has run down like a dream,
Dissolving in the shades of faded memory.

The old man of vision told a story full of light,
Remembered in a hall of mirrors of the mind;
Winding up his watch again he sees time fly
To every distant corner of remembered pasts,
Times were remembered, truth unforgotten.

Time devours all things, gods and men,
Chronos swallows the divine, yields it up again,
Earth, receiving and renewing all, receives the Son,
The world made new, earth restored, time overcome,
Lethe vanished into the living water of the truth.

Monuments endure, their purposes forgotten,
They are festival grounds for future lore,
Where collapsed tower and shadowed hall
Seem more brilliant than shining city sprawl,
Haunting us with magic, ruined permanence.

Time is recovered, time is regained,
We find ourselves again, we are remade
In recollections of times that never were
And resurrections of ages that will never be,
Imagination saves time, time is lost in reverie.