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Pitcher Canned for Supporting Bud Light Boycott

State of the Union: The Blue Jays cut a Christian pitcher to placate the LGBT lobby.

(Roxana Gonzalez/Shutterstock)

On Friday, the Toronto Blue Jays released Anthony Bass after the relief pitcher posted a video on Instagram that supported boycotts against Bud Light and Target and called their pro-LGBT campaigns "demonic" and "evil."

Bass initially reposted the video after deleting it. He eventually took it down again, saying he was "truly sorry" for the "hurtful" post, and apologizing to anyone in "the Pride community" who was hurt by the video.


His manager, John Schneider, said the team was "not going to pretend like this never happened" and promised there were "definitely more steps...to follow.” Blue Jays general manager Ross Atkins said he was "personally hurt" by the post but said he "felt [Bass's] apology and his accountability" were "authentic."

Then, last Thursday, Bass insisted he stood by his "personal beliefs," adding, "everyone is entitled to their personal beliefs, right?"

Apparently not. The next day, the Blue Jays released him, with Atkins citing Bass's middling performance and the "distraction" he had caused the team.

The general manager had previously said, in the context of Bass's post, that the Blue Jays would "make [the stadium] environment as inclusive as we possibly can." In a Marcusian way, creating that "inclusive" environment seems to involve excluding people like Anthony Bass and the millions of Americans who agree with him.

Which group is the oppressed one, exactly?