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Reduce Regional Tensions By Ending the War on Yemen

Finding a way to bring the war on Yemen to an end is the best thing for Yemen and the wider region.

Posted October 14th, 2019

The Complete Failure of the War on Yemen

As usual, the people shrieking loudest about Iranian influence are the ones that have helped that influence to spread.

Posted October 2nd, 2019

The Saudi Coalition Slaughters More Yemenis With U.S. Support

While the war on Yemen has once again faded from view, the Saudi coalition continues to slaughter Yemeni civilians with impunity using U.S. weapons and assistance.

Posted September 24th, 2019

The War on Yemen and Pompeo’s Shredded Credibility

Pompeo has shredded his credibility and that of the United States with his constant, shameless lying about Iran.

Posted September 15th, 2019

Hook’s Despicable Yemen Propaganda

Blaming Iran for the harm done to Yemen by the U.S.-backed Saudi coalition is the administration’s most sickening rhetorical maneuver, and it is also one of their most common.

Posted September 9th, 2019

The Atrocious War on Yemen Continues

As long as the war is allowed to drag on, more innocent Yemeni lives will be taken in atrocities such as this one.

Posted September 2nd, 2019

A Shameful Op-Ed on Yemen

Carrying water for the Saudis and Emiratis has nothing to do with demonstrating support for the people of Yemen.

Posted June 25th, 2019

Pompeo’s ‘Blame Iran First’ Propaganda

The false claim that Iran was behind the attack in Kabul is of a piece with the administration’s propaganda efforts to tie Iran to anything and everything that goes wrong in the wider region.

Posted June 15th, 2019

The Disgraceful Case for Increasing U.S. Support for the War on Yemen

The authors are explicitly calling for an assault that aid agencies have repeatedly said would drive Yemen’s civilian population into the abyss.

Posted May 2nd, 2019

Pompeo’s Risible Yemen Lies

There is no legitimate reason to be supporting the Saudi coalition war, but administration officials are scrambling to find one.

Posted April 29th, 2019

Four Years of the War on Yemen

The U.S. and the Saudi coalition have destroyed an entire country, caused a famine, and inflicted incalculable harm on the health and development of an entire generation of Yemenis, and it has all been for nothing.

Posted March 25th, 2019

Pompeo’s Obnoxious Yemen Lies

It takes remarkable gall for the enablers of bombing and mass starvation to lecture anyone else on disregard for human life.

Posted March 15th, 2019

The Saudi Coalition Can’t Be Trusted with U.S. Weapons

These latest reports are just the most recent evidence that the Saudis and Emiratis are not our allies and cannot be trusted with the weapons and support that our government has eagerly provided them.

Posted February 4th, 2019

Our Complicity in the Crime of Mass Starvation in Yemen

There is no question that the Saudi coalition has been using starvation as a weapon in its war on Yemen, and that by itself should give us a good enough reason to cut off all support to their war effort.

Posted December 7th, 2018

Pompeo’s Mendacious Pro-Saudi Propaganda

Pompeo’s latest apologia on behalf of Saudi Arabia should be dismissed as the mendacious piece of propaganda that it clearly is.

Posted November 27th, 2018

Another Bad Idea on Yemen from the Trump Administration

Labeling the Houthis as a foreign terrorist organization is what the government would do if it wants to ensure that the war continues and escalates further.

Posted November 8th, 2018

The Foreseeable Disaster in Yemen

The truly shameful thing is that the disaster engulfing Yemen right is now is a foreseeable and preventable disaster that our government and the Saudi coalition are allowing to unfold.

Posted October 24th, 2018