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Football and America’s Religion

The resignation of Raiders coach Jon Gruden shows us once again what the high priests of liberalism really care about.

Last night the Las Vegas Raiders forced out legendary football coach Jon Gruden after a slew of his private emails containing “homophobic” and “misogynistic” language were leaked.

The story is the same as thousands that precede it. Gruden is just another scalp on the woke culture warriors’ walls. The New York Times is proud of their reporting that brought down the Super Bowl-winning coach. There’s nothing new to these cancellation tactics, and we’ll see the cackling hyenas in the left-wing press pursue more scalps in the near future. This story does, however, reveal the warped moral structure the secular-woke left has adopted to replace America’s Christian tradition. 

The NFL is an unscrupulous business. It has long been an institution that hides the health impacts of football, engages in predatory behavior against competition, and tolerates cheating. Worse, it is a business that tolerates abject criminality. Ben Roethlisberger, Tyreek Hill, and Antonio Brown are all active players in the NFL. Each of them, like Gruden, has won a Super Bowl. Unlike Gruden, they have all been credibly accused of sexual assault or domestic violence. Unlike Gruden, they won’t be pushed out by the NFL. The complete list of active NFL players with violent criminal histories would fill the entirety of TAC’s next print edition. It’s appalling. 

Tellingly, the New York Times won’t be investigating those players or the league that enables them to make millions of dollars playing a sport. That’s not the Times’ job. The charlatans who work for the gray lady are not tasked with reporting on men who harm women but with reporting on men who make distasteful jokes about women. Sexual assault harms women, but Gruden’s language is an affront to feminist ideology. To the woke press and the NFL, the latter is much more egregious. 

The NFL’s Gruden saga is a lesson for the right and for the broader set of Americans who still hold fast to decency. Shoplifting, drug possession, rape, and all other crimes law-abiding people understand to be wrong go unpunished under the woke regime’s policeless dystopia. In this anarcho-tyranny you might even be rewarded with a Super Bowl ring if you’re athletic enough. But thought crimes against the secular catechisms of LGBT tolerance and third wave feminism? Prepare for a public flogging and a scarlet letter.