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Despite Vermont Win, Haley’s Path to the Presidency Dims

State of the Union: Whether Haley will continue her Sisyphean journey towards the GOP nomination remains to be seen.

Nikki Haley Campaigns In New Hampshire After Announcing Presidential Bid

Presidential hopeful Nikki Haley pulled off a surprising upset in Vermont, winning her first state (and second primary after Washington, D.C.) on Super Tuesday.

Haley pulled nearly 50 percent of the vote with Trump close behind at 45 percent. 


Haley received the support of Vermont Gov. Phil Scott (R) and Rep. Ashley Bartley. Gov. Scott held a rally for Haley in the state on Sunday, and Rep. Bartley serves as a co-chair of Haley’s state leadership team.

Some were quick to voice their suspicions regarding Haley’s win. Before the New Hampshire Republican primary, Democrats were open about mobilizing their base to vote for Haley in order to throw a wrench in Trump’s lead—the jury is out on whether something similar occurred in the Green Mountain State.

Ryan Fournier, the Chair of Students for Trump, wrote on X, 

WCAX, an outlet based in Vermont, conducted interviews with various Vermont residents in anticipation of the March 5 race. Some voters complained of “fatigue” and a lukewarm attitude towards all the candidates, Republican or Democrat. 


One voter said of Haley, “She has some competence, she has some performance.” Another simply said, “I am not sure I want a woman for president.”

Haley has based much of her campaign off of her womanhood. Fox News’s Martha MacCallum spoke on air about how Haley has progressed further in this race than any other Republican woman in history. Haley “deserves a lot of credit for fighting a good fight here,” she said. 

However, despite her victory in Vermont, Haley still has no events planned for the foreseeable future. News outlets across the country are waiting with bated breath to see whether she will drop out of the race, clearing the path for Trump and ensuring a Trump-Biden rematch in November.

Sen. Tim Scott (R-NC) told Fox News soon after Vermont was called, “This is no longer about any other candidate than Donald Trump. The voters have spoken across our country…. To the voters who supported Nikki Haley—thank you for voting. It is time to coalesce behind the future of America that is best represented by Donald Trump.” 

And, unsurprisingly, President Joe Biden also won his contest in Vermont with just over 89 percent of the Democratic primary vote.


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