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July/August 2020

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What is American conservatism?

Front Lines

Black Americans Deserve Better, Corey Brooks

Burden Shedding in the Middle East, Ted Galen Carpenter

The Fight for the Right, Oren Cass

Blobology, William S. Lind


Washingtonian Realism, John A. Burtka IV

Restoration and Recovery, Michael Brendan Doughterty

A Middle-Class Republic, Chris Buskirk

Conservatism as Stewardship, Andrew Bacevich

Politics Oriented Towards Love, Gracy Olmstead

Fusionism: A Defense, Neal B. Freeman

Conservatism Defies Definitions, Bradley J. Birzer

Look Homeward, Bill Kauffman

Who Cares About Conservatism?, Julius Krein

Beyond Conservatism?, David Azerrad

A Failure, Sohrab Ahmari

Start With Anthropology, Yuval Levin

A Counterrevolutionary Force, Daniel McCarthy

Of, By, and For the People, Patrick J. Deneen

Constitutional Conservatism, Richard M. Reinsch II

Progressive Conservatism, F.H. Buckley

America Needs a Re-Founding, Matthew J. Peterson

Definitions Please!, Claes G. Ryn

Natural Right Conservatism, James Piereson

Cheerful Allegiance to Truth, Roger Kimball

Skepticism and Gratitude, Rachel Bovard

Have Faith in America, William Ruger


An Open Letter to a Socialist, Scott McConnell

Kings of Souls, John A. Burtka IV

Elites Abandoned Nationalism, Robert W. Merry

The Saagar Enjeti Enigma, Curt Mills

The Foreign Policy We Need, W. James Antle III

The Scrutopian Way, Lewis McCrary

Arts & Letters

Malaparte Goes to Paris, Helen Andrews (Diary of a Foreigner in Paris, Curzio Malaparte)

Citizenship, Place, and a Humane Economy; Gerald J. Russello (Land and Liberty: The Best of Free America, edited by Allan C. Carlson)

Our Most Important Yankee Founder, Kevin R.C. Gutzman (The Education of John Adams, R.B. Bernstein)

Bespoke Religious Identities, Daniel Wiser, Jr. (Strange Rites: New Religions for a Godless World, Tara Isabella Burton)

Setting the Wheel of History Alight, Tony Woodlief (The Red Wheel, Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn)


Enlightened nationalism, Pat Buchanan

My old (and peaceful) Kentucky home, Bill Kauffman

What happens when politics go viral?, Aram Bakshian Jr.