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January/February 2018

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Saudi Arabia’s Rogue Royal, Patrick J. Buchanan

Armenian Rhapsody, Bill Kauffman

Football Then and Now, Taki


A Need for Balance

Front Lines

The Life and Times of Lee Edwards, Gracy Olmstead

Bob Dylan’s Soulful Christian Phase, David Masciotra

Monica’s Lingering Legacy, Telly Davidson

The New Separatism, William S. Lind

Cover Story

Trump’s Leadership Void, Robert W. Merry


War Without a Rationale, Scott Horton

Berkeley Blues, Sean Kennedy

Our ‘Friends’ in Arabia, Andrew J. Bacevich

Recipes for Conflict, Ted Galen Carpenter

A Conference in Moscow, Paul Grenier

Architecture in the Lab, Anthony Paletta

Arts and Letters

Not Much New Insight in This FDR Biography, Conrad Black (Franklin D. Roosevelt: A Political Life, Robert Dallek)

A New Perspective on Cold War History, Leon Hadar (The Cold War: A World History, Odd Arne Westad)

The Sprightly Essays of Neal B. Freeman, John R. Coyne Jr. (Skirmishes, Neal B. Freeman)

Announcing the Death of Classical Liberalism, Gene Callahan (Why Liberalism Failed, Patrick Deneen)

Nolan’s Batman Saga: Realism and Heroism, Bradley J. Birzer