Sept./Oct. 2013


The Generals Take Egypt

Counterterror After Al-Qaeda

Too Much Money

Paranoia Will Destroy Ya


The Balance of Freedom

Front Lines

Islam’s Civil War

America can win it—by staying out.

Peace for Palestine (and Us)

Why the U.S. can’t disengage from Mideast diplomacy

How to Keep the Constitution

It requires transparency and checks, not a national-security state

Libertarian Plays Center

Virginia’s GOP crackup fuels a third-party bid for governor.

Cover Story

Does Faith = Hate?

Gay marriage and religious liberty are uneasy bedfellows.


How to Tax Carbon

Conservatives can fight climate change without growing government.

Freedom or Virtue?

Pure traditionalism and absolute liberty alike fail the Constitution.

Main Street Libertarians

Meet the free-market populists fighting Obama’s crony capitalism.

What Miniver Cheevy Means

E.A. Robinson’s poetry made joy out of despair.

A.J.P. Taylor Is History

He made us see World War II anew—and merits another look himself.

Christian, Not Conservative

A look at Marilynne Robinson’s literary—and liberal—Calvinism.