Nov./Dec. 2013


Don’t Spy on Friends

What Rural America Is For

Farmers aren’t cannon-fodder—or dangerous gun nuts, either.

Quitting Over Syria

Last Tango in Cannes


The Turning Tide of 2013

Front Lines

Where Wendell Berry Meets Martha Stewart

Kinfolk brings a crunchy ethos to entertaining.

Tea Party Communitarian

Can Sen. Mike Lee get libertarian populists to put family first?

Conservatives’ Leading Woman

Meet Theresa May, Britain’s answer to Angela Merkel.

Cover Story

Why the Tea Party Can’t Govern

A populist spin can’t save purely negative principles.


JFK, Warmonger

His foreign policy was worse than George W. Bush’s.

Gettysburg Gospel

How Lincoln forged a civil religion of American nationalism

One Percent Republic

Without citizen soldiers, plutocracy rises unchecked.

Benedict Option

A medieval model inspires Christian communities today.

Seven Conservative Minds

Russell Kirk’s revisions trace the right’s evolution—and his own.