August 2012


Long Live the Kings

Intelligence Budget Interpreted

Humanitarianism Kills

Casino Capitalism

Just Deseret


Don’t Blame John Roberts

Front Lines

Which Jobs President?

Employment numbers damn Romney and Obama alike

Faith in the Flesh

What banning circumcision means

America Goes Jousting

Our splendid military is all for show.

Exorcising George McGovern

How the GOP lost its foreign-policy advantage

Cover Story

Race, IQ, and Wealth

What the facts tell us about a taboo subject


Obama’s Right Wing

Meet the Burkeans who voted for the president (and might do it again)

The Case for Kemp

On war and state capitalism, Reagan’s role model was right

Britain Abolishes Itself

Traditions working-class and aristocratic fade in Cameron’s UK.

Making Modernity Human

Can Christian humanism redeem an age of ideology?

Porky Populism

Class war comes to dinner, and conservatives are on the wrong side.