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The Hyperlocal Beat

The Batavian is both crux of local culture, and beacon to small-town America newspapers.


An Officer Corps That Can’t Score

How military careerism breeds habits of defeat

illustration by Michael Hogue

How Dante Saved My Life

A midlife crisis is cured by The Divine Comedy

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The Christian Man in Black

Johnny Cash’s life is a story of redemption.

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A Hair-Raising Experience

Lessons on community at scissor-point from a hairdresser-acupuncturist

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What Happened to Basil Bunting?

Author of the “finest long poem … since T.S. Eliot’s Quartets,” he was a pacifist and a warrior—and he’s overdue for a revival.

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The Answer to Homelessness

Why conservative Utah gives away housing

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Higher Culture, Better Politics

Great ideas give political movements the energy and seriousness they need to thrive.

Beerbohm Redrawn

Why the incomparable Max is still the greatest writer you haven’t read

Letting the Market Promote Pluralism

Freedom of conscience bills aren’t “anti-gay segregation,” but they’re not a good idea either.

Why ‘The Lego Movie’ Resonates

The film isn’t necessarily political, but it is a powerful commercial for a toy that links generations.

Vermont’s Republican Radical

John McClaughry brings an “ornery” yet humane spirit to American politics.

Prohibition and Civilization

“The ideals and instruments of Puritanism are simply unworthy of a free people.”

Coming Out Christian

How faithful homosexuals are transforming our churches

Why Millennials Long for Liturgy

Is the High Church the Christianity of the future?

How to Win a Culture War

Young Americans are more pro-drug, pro-gay—and pro-life.

Rise of the Bronies

The male fanbase for “My Little Pony” caught even the show’s creators off-guard. Is this the end of American manhood?