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Still America First

Quaker Oats heir Bob Stuart fought to keep America at peace—then he went to war.

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Koch Brothers: The Real Thing

An inner look at the charisma, character, and hubris behind the Koch legacy

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What Is ‘Ethical Conservatism’?

A proposal for a politics of self-restraint in an age of anarchy.

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A Look at the Left

A friendly guide to the Democrat or socialist next door

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Drugs in Context

A neuroscientist busts the myth of the zombified user, restoring the agency of addicts.

Two Cheers for Partisan History

Herbert Butterfield was wrong about Whig scholarship.

The Peace Coalition

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White Messiah Complex

Why do liberal interventionists think the Third World needs them?

Horton Foote’s Farewell

A playwright’s last screenplay shows hope for American drama.

Is Social Mobility a Myth?

The Son Also Rises: Surnames and the History of Social Mobility, Gregory Clark, Princeton University Press, 384 pages

American Idols

Citizen Hollywood: How the Collaboration Between LA and DC Revolutionized American Politics, Timothy Stanley, Thomas Dunne Books, 320 pages

Was World War I the Last Crusade?

How religious passions helped fuel the Great War.

Battle of the Beaches

A Millennial’s Agrarian Anomie

The generational ties that sustained America’s farms are breaking down under the weight of individualism.

Unlike a Rolling Stone

Why Bob Dylan, troubadour of the revolution, turned homeward

Is There Life After the ’60s?

The absurdities of the post-9/11 world deserve their own artistic engagement outside of Vietnam’s shadow.

Brent Bozell’s Triumphs

The early conservative giant’s political brilliance was surpassed only by his spiritual zeal, and personal strife.