Fat Leonard and the Decline of Military Values

The officer corps was once assumed to be above larger cultural rot. No more.

Another — Doubtless Very Different — Book Launch

An evening with Rod Dreher and some friendly critics of The Benedict Option

From Vision to Reality

The new U.S. Diplomacy Center opens in Foggy Bottom.

Stall Wars

Reasonable compromises can be reached on “gender issues”—but only at the local level.

A New Federalism

Trump’s solution to the “bathroom debate” may point the way to a truce in the culture wars.

And the Nominees Are …

Your guide to the 2017 Oscars

Must We Have a ‘Melting Pot’?

“Salad bowls” are historically common and entirely consistent with human nature.

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A Profound Question Behind the Immigration Debate

What kind of country do we want our country to be?

Don’t Forget the Epic Story of World War II

A new film celebrates individual heroism, but a larger narrative of national struggle is being lost.

Hillbilly Energy

J.D. Vance and the forces that elected Trump

Diversity Is Hard

Its boosters must recognize that there are real losses.

James M. Perry, 1927–2016

He was a throwback to the straight-up journalism of old.

The Detached Poet

Wallace Stevens’s poetry contained little but expressed much.

Streep’s MMA Diss

Maybe it’s not “the arts,” but it has no diversity problem.

A Note From the Ignorant

Here’s why I misread that press release.

When SWAT Raids Are Routine

A conversation with the director of the documentary Do Not Resist.

A Reading List That Will Live In Infamy

What to read to understand what led to, and resulted from, the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor.