photo by Molly Peterson

Organic Before It Was Cool

A book about the farmers who have “stayed in, and stayed small”

Yorktown by H. Charles McBarron Jr., U.S. Army Art Collection / Wikimedia Commons

The Real Redcoats

How the British fought the American Revolution—bravely

Alexandra Thompson/

Not For An Age But For A Moment—And Therefore For All Time

Has Shakespeare conquered so thoroughly in the four centuries since his death in part because he did so little to promote his own work?

Kiev.Victor /

The West Dies With Its Gods

Secular idols cannot breathe life into a culture so long nourished by true faith.

Gino Santa Maria /

Stadium Politics and the Rebirth of the Salesman

Populist campaigns are selling authenticity like the perfectly packaged product.

Roman R /

In Defense of Andrew Jackson

Great men are rarely good men, and Old Hickory’s consequence cannot be denied.

Shark_749 / Shutterstock

The Joy of Stuff

Our homes should be full of curiosity and creativity—whether or not they are immaculately clean.

MORE IN Culture

Will History Only Remember the Founders as Slaveowners?

A visit to the historic homes of Jefferson and Madison was spoiled by a progressive agenda.

Civil Religion—or Christianity?

To save American exceptionalism, the nation must first let go of imperialism.

The Perils of Innovation

The work of conserving is just as valuable as that of creating

The Stone Mirror of War

Moral obtuseness led us into the delta in Vietnam—and later the deserts of the Middle East.

Your Friends Are Not an App

Technology can undermine selfless, honest relationships—but it doesn’t have to.

The Campuses Lost in the Clouds

Today’s college students and administrators are playing comedic roles imagined in ancient Greece.

Charity for Francis!

On the very conservative, and very Catholic, principles underlying Pope Francis’s new apostolic exhortation.

When Sport Is an Art

Amateur competition was beautiful and uncorrupted by money.

Thin Right Duke

David Bowie was capitalist, briefly fascist, and occasionally Christian.

Arms and the American West

Second Amendment culture draws less on Revolutionary spirit than the eternal myth of the cowboy.