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A Reading List That Will Live In Infamy

What to read to understand what led to, and resulted from, the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor.

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Spirits, What Have You to Say?

A movie about a haunted Ouija board has surprising depth—until it falls apart.


Foreign Policy and the ‘Chosen People’ Narrative

For five generations, Americans have been told that we’re “good guys” picked to wage war against “bad guys.”


Guilty Pleasures, Iceland Edition

More hand-wringing from your first-world-problem hand-wringing blogger.

Brent Bozell and William F. Buckley (Wikimedia Commons)

Order, Chaos, Peace

Brent Bozell, an architect of the conservative movement, ended up trusting an order no man could impose.


Welcome to Westworld

A new show asks what happens when entertainment is indistinguishable from reality.

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How the Cultural Marxists Failed by Winning

Without a healthy culture, people are not natural Marxists but natural couch potatoes.

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At the Movies on Election Night

Moonlight doesn’t seem like a film conservatives would like, but they should watch it anyway.

Viva Margaret Atwood!

The author of The Handmaid’s Tale is no statist ideologue.

Making Do With What We’ve Got

A political thriller meets the current election.

A Broken Coriolanus

Red Bull Theater gives us a Shakespeare for the age of Trump

Steve Bartman and the Mob

The calls for him to return to Wrigley, supposedly to show that he is forgiven, obscure the fact that the need for forgiveness runs the other way.

Bob Dylan, Troubadour

He’s a man outside of time.

Always New York

The city’s still got it, even if the prices have gone up.

No More Harry Potter, Please

A letter to J.K. Rowling

I Once Lived in Hawkins, Indiana

Stranger Things provides a rush of nostalgia for children of the ’80s.

Notes For the College-Bound

Fighting emotional frailty requires more than a safe space.