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The Raisin Farmer Wins: A Tuesday Roundup

“We oppose all forms of corporate welfare.”

Official Supreme Court portrait of Justice Anthony Kennedy

A Divided Country Under Kennedy’s Constitution

A constitutional right to gay marriage joins abortion in the stages of America’s Gramscian revolution.

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Dazzling the Pagans

Positive conceptions of the Benedict Option

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‘Live Not By Lies’

What Solzhenitsyn has to teach traditional conservatives post-Obergefell


Defend the Church Within

Christians have lost the culture. Will they lose the church too?

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After Obergefell, Revisiting Prof. Kingsfield

A closeted Christian law professor’s advice to the orthodox faithful

Justice Kennedy delivers the majority opinion in Obergefell (bitt24/Shutterstock)

Democracy Is Dying; Persecution Is Coming

So prophesies Supreme Court dissenters from Obergefell

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The Eternal Queer Revolution

The Law of Merited Impossibility is about to hit the big time

Was he free? Was he happy? The question is absurd.

Teaching bankers happiness with W.H. Auden

Essays Against the Man

A Muckdog reporter looks back on 30 years of journalism

The Confederate Flag Doesn’t Belong to Dylann Roof

Purging Southern culture doesn’t honor the Charleston dead, or their families.

How to Bring Innovation to Education?

Thinking small and creating more flexibility may help America’s students and teachers.

How I Became a Soccer Fan

Gazza’s tears and elegant long pass instructed an American in “the beautiful game.”

Dylann Roof’s Political Isolation

What this racial terrorist has in common with Nidal Hasan, Baruch Goldstein, and Anders Breivik—and what’s different in America.

Obama Won’t Demilitarize Police

White House claims of de-escalation are merely misdirection.

Has the Sustainable Food Movement Failed?

Despite demands for a more humane agriculture, factory farms are bigger than ever.

Can We Really Know Our Pastors?

A prominent megachurch pastor falls from grace. Did his celebrity have anything to do with it?