The Cultural Incentives of Mass Murder

From ISIS to Oregon, a sick society rewards the gruesomely violent with immortality in this world.

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Abandoning vs. Living In Place

When should we move, and when should we “stay put”?

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In Defense of Commuting

How to find joy in rush hour traffic

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Assisted Suicide and “Reasonable Medical Judgment”

California’s new euthanasia law seems already ripe for abuse

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What “Organic” Means

Have big government and big agribusiness “hijacked” the label?

illustration by Michael Hogue

How Red Was My Hollywood

In an age grappling with class, race, identity, and the Great Depression, many artists flirted with the left.

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The Beauty of Books

What do we lose when we reject print books for digital editions?

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Friendliness and Focus in the Internet Age

How does social media discourage us from true expressions of friendship?

Visible, Invisible

Looking for a useful rhetoric around American racism

Celebrating American Catholics

Pope Francis’ visit reminds us of the diversity within the Church—and the country.

The Importance of Conserving Food

Americans waste 133 billion pounds of useable food every year. It’s time for that to change.

Husbands, Wives, and Work

It may be impossible for either father or mother to “have it all.”

Francis Arrives Amid Moral Crisis

America and the Catholic church both risk buckling under the pressures of liberal modernity.

How Lenin Beat Reagan

The USSR is gone—but its ethos lives on at Fox News.

Not Your Average ‘Faith-Based Film’

“Captive” tells a powerful—and moral—story with nuance and skill.

What Should the 21st-Century Library Look Like?

It may not be book-less, but perhaps it could offer a wider range of services.

What Televised Debates Wrought

How TV (and makeup) have changed our political discourse