How Christian America Dies

Accommodating the sexual revolution led only to institutional and cultural suicide.

Protest in Milan against Church teaching on homosexuality and marriage (Eugenio Marongiu /

Schism Over Gay Marriage

Damian Thompson on why it’s going to split the Catholic Church

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Books to Save Your Soul

From Dante’s Divine Comedy to two new memoirs of faith


The Gay Rights Revolution in Ireland

What the results of the Irish referendum tell us about the state of culture and religion in the West

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FOMO vs. the Power of Gratitude

How the “fear of missing out” can blind us to the peace and prosperity offered by awe

Hegemonists, or something (Photo by Monkey Business Images/Shutterstock)

Liberalism & The End of the Natural Family

The dictatorship of relativism of one’s relatives

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Drunk on Latin Verse

A caution against juxtaposing your life with that of a famous classical writer

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Choosing to Opt Out of Standardized Tests

Why parents are pushing against new Common Core high-stakes tests

Tom Stoppard Plays With God

London’s National Theatre stages a philosophy of mind debate that seeks more than the God of the Gaps.

Serious, Non-Sarcastic Questions About the Benedict Option

Because I am having a hard time understanding just what it is.

Millennials, Christianity, and Covenant

Why are young people increasingly leaving Christianity for atheism or agnosticism?

Love and Marriage in “The Madding Crowd”

Considering a new film adaptation of Thomas Hardy’s classic novel

Is Christianity Dying from Boredom?

If the choice is between nothing or a condescending parody of something, don’t be surprised by how people choose

Breathing with Benedict

Securing your own oxygen mask first

Iowa Builds a Locavore Community

Will the kingdom of commodity farming return to the small, diversified farms of yesteryear?

Considering Motherhood

Regardless of one’s methodology or career choices, motherhood is a priceless and unique gift.

Battling Current Events Fatigue

How do we handle news in a globalized age?