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Fighting Terrorism With Transcendence

The faith that can fight “the joy of ISIS”

Michael Hogue

The Mencken of Feminism

Why conservatives should give two cheers for Camille Paglia

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The End of All Our Efficiency

Productivity can buy you time—but it can’t bring you happiness.

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The Hopeless Politics of Ta-Nehisi Coates

The racial circumstances he was born into are not the same ones inherited by his son.

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Embracing Emojispeak

Oxford Dictionaries choose a popular pictograph as their “Word of the Year”

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Moral Combat

“Winners and Losers,” now playing in DC, is a cutting, suspenseful romp.

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Empathy, Quantified

Social media attempts to express solidarity in the aftermath of tragedy—but falls painfully short.

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When a House Becomes “Home”

How to develop a sense of place in the midst of our wanderings

James Bond’s ‘Royale’ With Cheese

In “Spectre,” the spy series returns to good, campy fun.

Fear, Safety, and Education

What kind of teacher cares so little for students as to refuse to challenge them?

In Defense of Philosophers

And philosopher-welders.

Safe Homes and Public Individuality at Yale

College students seeking freedom from conflict are thwarting their own adulthood.

Considering Artisan Coffee and Wonder Bread

What does it mean to consume food virtuously?

Fire in the Minds of Men

How the spark of revolutionary faith becomes an inferno

Don’t Whitewash Tinseltown Treason

“Trumbo” tries to make the Hollywood Ten martyrs, but they were traitors who blacklisted themselves.

Social Media and Segregation

How do we preserve diversity in a world of technological bubbles?

Bob Dylan, Christian Anarchist

If there’s anything the U.S. needs right now, it’s some old-fashioned rulebreakers.