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The Virtues of Brunch

Though it can feel contrived, brunch offers an opportunity to keep community rituals alive.

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Love Is the Answer to Empire

Reclaiming citizenship means rescuing the color and vitality of home from the march of imperial gray.

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The Collapse of American Competence

Americans’ public confidence has evaporated along with the competency of their institutions.

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Who’s Afraid of Ebola?

Contra David Brooks, fear of the virus stems from statist failures and mortal anxiety—not societal isolation.

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Sublime Recovery vs. Banal Recovery

Two competing narratives of addiction and recovery are both gaining prominence in American pop culture. Can they coexist?

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Pope Francis Confuses Catholic Orthodoxy

Papal popularity should not come at the cost of accommodating doctrine to a decadent culture.

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How to #ReadWomen2014

A guidebook for a year-long tour through great female scribes.

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Libertarians, Virtue and “Yes Means Yes”

Sexual decency does not arise spontaneously, but must be taught—by everyone.

How Sexting Hurts Women

Even when high schoolers “consent” to sending photos, the consequences can be incredibly damaging.

Common Sense Calls for Ebola Flight Bans

Ideological paralysis prevents U.S. officials from shutting down flights from Ebola-afflicted countries.

Grover Cleveland’s Better Half

Frankie Cleveland was known for wearing low-cut gowns and selling liver pills.

Leaning In to Egg Freezing

The burgeoning vitrification industry monetizes the maternal anxieties of young professional women.

What If You Live in a Bad City?

A response to a thought-provoking question from a commenter.

Goodbye, Columbus Day

America no longer has the stomach for the self-confidence that civilized the world.

How Leviathan Ate U.S. History

Today’s students think all reform comes from the state.

Front Porch Revolution

Wendell Berry’s cure for partisanship

‘Duck Dynasty’ vs. Dante

Masscult drives a wedge between grassroots and elite conservatives.