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Why Is Reading So Difficult?

The Internet doesn’t help—but it isn’t our main problem.

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The New York Times’s Statistical Contraception Failure

The Grey Lady crunches some very bad numbers on condoms and their alternatives.

A Midsummer Night's Dream: A Chamber Play - On The Run 2014

Dream Country

A radical reimagining of Shakespeare’s comedy via Bergman and Jung.

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Hayek’s Case Against Unlimited Immigration

Local knowledge is lost when too many newcomers don’t know a neighborhood’s customs.

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The Fault in Our Algorithms

People are increasingly concerned with the way Facebook manipulates its users—perhaps it’s time they did something about it.

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Why Cooking Is More Fun Than You Think

People forget the joy that can come from doing something both creative and communal.

Alexis de Tocqueville   Théodore Chassériau (1819–1856)

How Democracy Dies

Tocqueville taught that restless private obsessions would degrade civic commitments close to home.

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Awake the Pert and Nimble Spirit of Mirth

A Midsummer Night’s Dream staged as a gay wedding at the Stratford Shakespeare Festival.

Dancing on the Sand

Aladdin on Broadway

5 Things Every Local Bookstore Should Do

How small book shops can compete in the age of Amazon and iPads

A Sign From Hashem? Don’t Know. Helping Others? … Couldn’t Hurt.

Conor Friedersdorf proposes a “do unto others” approach to Christian sex talk.

Reddit’s Moral Dilemma

The “front page of the internet” claims pseudo-governmental status to avoid responsibility for its content.

Updike’s Affair With America

From suburban sex to Vietnam and the Postal Service, the novelist’s judgments are a measure by which he’s judged today.

The Consequences of Virtual Efficiency

Our obsession with self and its appetites has led to a depletion of real-life character.

How Spotify Helps the Little Guy

Streaming services offer artists exposure, and listeners an interactive community.

HBD and Me

The “science of human differences” often feeds an unpalatable political agenda in need of pushback.

Alaska Goes Local

Can farmers and consumers foster locavorism in America’s coldest state?