Photographing the Ruins of Rural America

It is sad for our country that this is happening. It’s even sadder that it has barely been talked about.

A Little Formaldehyde With Your Milk?

Before you grab the ‘raw,’ some thoughts on how food was before safety and labeling regs were passed.

Common Core Is a Menace to Pluralism and Democracy

But can locally empowered communities really fix our schools’ problems?

This Father’s Day, Remembering Children Who Live Without Dads

The redefining of the family has left us with more fatherless kids than we think.

Remembering the Iconic TV Dad

From Mike Brady to Archie Bunker, small-screen fathers offered us hope and satire while defying categorization.

Fake Culture is Hastening Our Idiocracy

When verses like ‘Hol’ up lil’ b*tch, be humble’ win Pulitzer Prizes.

A Plague of Suicide, A World of Alienation

As the rate of self-killing spikes, it’s time to rediscover those local bonds that we lost so long ago.

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A Hollywood Movie About Christianity Worth Seeing

“First Reformed” is multilayered, artistic, and serious: there should be far more movies like this.

The Meaningful Little Rituals of Capital Weather Gang

How Washington, D.C. finds shared custom in a meteorology service, of all things.

Time to Dump John Oliver Into Boston Harbor

The British comedian despises the traditions of his new country, especially the religious ones.

Anthony Bourdain, American Tour Guide

He loved culinary localism, hated McDonald’s, and embodied the hedonist we all secretly want to be.

The Pornification of Everything

The New York Times gets it wrong. It’s our culture that’s the problem, not the content of the porn itself.

Let the Skateboarders Alone

Why Jordan Peterson sides with the kids against the security guards.

Mourning in America: The Day RFK Was Shot in Los Angeles

Fifty years later, we have yet to fully digest the emotional and cultural consequences of Kennedy’s assassination.

Public School Sex-Ed’s Descent Into Madness

It’s gotten so bad that our publicly educated writer is sending his kids elsewhere. Here’s why.

Roseanne’s Profound Ingratitude

She had a chance and she blew it. Her deep unprofessionalism is to blame.

Revisiting a Transformational Speech: The Culture War Scorecard

Social conservatives won some and lost some since Pat laid down the marker.