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Dying Together

A life’s fading days are every bit as authentic as its strongest.

David Blatt, formerly head coach of the Cleveland Cavaliers Erik Drost/Flickr

The Trade-In Society

We are becoming habituated to making the nuclear option the first option.

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Football Coaches and Rational Choices

Rational behavior becomes dangerous when one is surrounded by the irrational.

Angel Gurría, Secretary-General,of the OECD, speaks at Davos. World Economic Forum/Flickr

Davos Man Meets Donald Trump

The forced globalization of the West discredited liberalism, and the populist-nationalist reaction has arrived.

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On Suicide and Marriage

Does caring for each other in suffering only fulfill the marital bonds within a religious framework?

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Camelot in Australia

Amidst Catholic-Protestant tensions that persisted in the 1960s, Melbourne dedicated a garden to JFK.

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Parting the Veil of Ignorance

The Wheaton College conflict cannot be abstracted away from the real humans involved

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Unmaking England

Will immigration demolish in decades a nation built over centuries?

The Classical Storytelling of “Star Wars”

The repetition in the franchise isn’t a bug—it’s a feature of Western storytelling.

Why Isn’t My Professor Conservative?

A drop in right-identifying faculty doesn’t prove a rise in academic bias.

A New Threat to Freedom of Association

Will mandates requiring causes to disclose donors silence free speech?

I’m Thinking It Over

Social media takes hostages on behalf of the reactive now.

Two Threats to Intellectual Freedom

It is no victory to prevent the rule of fanatics by transferring power to philistines.


From Star Wars to The Lord of the Rings and beyond, victory does not always belong to the powerful.

Recovering the Art of Poetry

How contemporary poets have lost touch with the permanent things—but might find their way home.

Discipline and Rupture at Christmastime

Reading Foucault and de Caussade into an Advent carol of relief over reform

The Case for Clemency

To forgive prisoners is divine—or as close as government gets.