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Why Conservatives Should Reform Philanthropy

Human-scale civil society has been abandoned to big foundations and bad ideas.

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Resilience & Restraint

From Ferguson to Fallujah, U.S. authorities mistake arms for strength—and reap the consequences.

New Urbanism of the Soul

Architect Philip Bess on faith, reason, and urban design

The People Are Revolting!

Why populism and parties terrified George Washington

Off the Literary Reservation

Young-adult fiction is giving Native Americans their own voice.

Grover Cleveland’s Better Half

Updike’s Affair With America

Updike, Adam Begley, Harper, 576 pages

MORE IN Culture

What Does Human Evolution Explain?

A Troublesome Inheritance: Genes, Race, and Human History, Nicholas Wade, Penguin Press, 288 pages

Closing of the Scholarly Mind

Why Higher Education Should Have a Leftist Bias, Donald Lazere, Palgrave Macmillan, 292 pages

Horton Foote’s Farewell

A playwright’s last screenplay shows hope for American drama.

What Would Jeremiah Do?

Jewish history gives today’s Christians an alternative to cultural secession.

Two Cheers for Partisan History

Herbert Butterfield was wrong about Whig scholarship.

You Know What’s Murder? Politics Is Murder

Kevin Drum asks a frequently-heard question: Do anti-abortion activists really think abortion …

American Idols

Hollywood stars don’t just influence politics—they actually decide who wins elections.

White Messiah Complex

Why do liberal interventionists think the Third World needs them?

Is Social Mobility a Myth?

A major new book challenges decades of thinking about escaping poverty, and falling from riches.

James Garner: Anti-Authoritarian Everyman

“The Rockford Files” gave voice to an honorable distrust of authority after Watergate and Vietnam.