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Of Local Choirs and Community

Building community doesn’t isn’t just “unplugging” from social media—it takes work.

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How to Fake the Personal Touch

Advertisers use new technologies to mimic human interaction.

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The Suburbs vs. the City

Roger Scruton’s conservative planning builds place in city centers.

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Can Money Buy Us Love?

How our considerations of what makes marriage important have come full-circle

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The Sexual Totalitarian Campus

What happens when every lover could become an informant to the campus police?

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Closing of the Scholarly Mind

An English professor argues for an explicit leftist bias in college, utterly neglecting the teacher’s vocation.

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Where Have the Young Farmers Gone?

The average age of the American farmer is 58—and there’s no one to take their place.

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I Want, Therefore I Am

Modernity’s big lie: that we find our identities by indulging our passions instead of mastering them

Apple and the Art of Reinvention

The relentless pursuit of flashy new features will eventually exhaust tech’s ability to overpromise.

Finding Your Religion

Stories from people who once were lost, but found a way to God, and transcendance

Losing Your Religion

What is it like to experience the loss of one’s faith? Tell your story here

Race and Place in America

Empowering local institutions can strengthen communities divided by distrust.

Human, Not Alien To Me: A Brechtian Trio at Stratford

Three plays that make use of Brecht’s alienation effect – but two of them are by Shakespeare.

Why Is Reading So Difficult?

The Internet doesn’t help—but it isn’t our main problem.

The New York Times’s Statistical Contraception Failure

The Grey Lady crunches some very bad numbers on condoms and their alternatives.

Dream Country

A radical reimagining of Shakespeare’s comedy via Bergman and Jung.

Hayek’s Case Against Unlimited Immigration

Local knowledge is lost when too many newcomers don’t know a neighborhood’s customs.