IMAGE: Destruction at Lebanese marina

Lefteris Pitarakis / AP
Fishing boats lie wrecked Friday at the port of the southern Beirut suburb of Ouzai, Lebanon, after an Israeli airstrike. About 300 boats were destroyed. Why Israeli forces targeted the boats is unknown.
[DL: Well, these fishing boats will certainly never harm anyone ever again.  What their owners are supposed to do to make a living once the war ends is anybody’s guess.] 
It seems to show that there is an expansion of the air war on the part of the Israelis into the northern part of the nation. What is catching some people off guard is that the targets of these attacks are traditionally Christian areas.
Those were always thought to be safe and out of harm’s way from the Israeli airstrikes because they don’t support Hezbollah. But, it just so happens that the Christian areas are in the same neighborhoods as a number of bridges that are a vital part of the infrastructure of Lebanon.
Lebanon’s President Emile Lahoud is claiming that Israel is waging a war of starvation — that by shutting off what was a major supply route for relief aid to come in, that now things will really get desperate in Lebanon. ~Martin Savidge, NBC News