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Pence’s Misguided Mideast Trip

The vice president is one of the most ardent “pro-Israel” hawks in his party, so sending him to this part of the world right now is akin to pouring salt on a fresh wound

Posted December 12th, 2017

Pence’s Weak Defense of Administration Foreign Policy

Far from restoring the “credibility of American power,” Trump has made a number of reckless threats that he can’t back up without causing a catastrophe.

Posted October 9th, 2017

Georgia Shouldn’t (and Won’t) Be a NATO Member

Reviving talk of Georgia’s future NATO membership today is irresponsible and dangerous.

Posted August 8th, 2017

The Trump Administration’s Foolish Maximalism on North Korea

The Trump administration is demanding something from North Korea that it will never get.

Posted April 28th, 2017

Substituting Fantasy for Policy on North Korea

The administration’s position is not a policy so much as it is just a fantasy of total capitulation by the other side.

Posted April 19th, 2017

Trump’s Easily Avoidable Carrier Blunder

On substance the administration is misguided, and in both the messaging and execution of its policy towards North Korea they have proven to be inept

Posted April 19th, 2017

North Korea and Our Dangerous Cult of ‘Resolve’

Talk of attacking North Korea is insane, and no amount of bluster from this administration about its supposed resolve makes it any less so.

Posted April 17th, 2017

Trump’s Foreign Policy Incoherence

The administration is reliably belligerent, but otherwise it is unreliable.

Posted February 20th, 2017

Trump’s Hard-liners and Israel

Haley and Trump seem to be of one mind that one of the priorities of U.S. foreign policy should be covering for the illegal behavior of a client state.

Posted January 18th, 2017

The VP Debate and Syria

Both tickets apparently support U.S. escalation in Syria.

Posted October 4th, 2016

The VP Candidates’ Bad Foreign Policy Records

Kaine ought to be questioned about his early and eager backing for the Saudis’ unnecessary and ruinous war.

Posted September 14th, 2016

Reports: Pence Will Be Trump’s VP Choice

Choosing Pence will be the most conventional and un-Trump-like move that the nominee has made all year.

Posted July 14th, 2016

A Trump-Pence Ticket?

Trump could do a lot worse than to choose Pence.

Posted July 6th, 2016

Searching for a “Tea Party” Foreign Policy

“Tea Party” hawks claim to be opposed to “nation-building,” but that doesn’t make them any less supportive of unnecessary military interventions.

Posted January 15th, 2015

A “Most Cherished Ally” That Isn’t Even an Ally

The relationship with Israel is always described in terms of an alliance, but that doesn’t describe the relationship very well at all.

Posted January 2nd, 2015

Pence, Israel, and the U.S. Role as “Honest Broker”

It is false to claim that the U.S. can overtly take sides in the conflict while still “dealing honestly” with all sides.

Posted December 31st, 2014

Pence’s Boringly Predictable Israel Trip

The ritual visits to Israel for our would-be presidential candidates are becoming tiresome and embarrassing.

Posted December 30th, 2014