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The Week’s Most Interesting Reads

The case for restraint. William Ruger reviews Barry Posen’s Restraint for the …

Posted August 29th, 2014

Obama, Congress, and War Powers

It should go without saying that Congressional authorization is required for an ongoing war against ISIS.

Posted August 28th, 2014

The Democratic Party’s Many Hawks

The party is not somehow to the “left” of where it was on foreign policy thirty years ago.

Posted August 28th, 2014

The Famous Libyan Victory

Conflict in Libya continues to intensify three years after the U.S.-led war …

Posted August 25th, 2014

The Misguided Longing for a “Leader of the Free World”

Douglas Murray makes a wholly unconvincing case that “the free world” needs …

Posted August 12th, 2014

Getting Dragged Back Into Iraq

Obama’s Libyan adventure undercuts his promises to keep the latest bombing raids from escalating.

Posted August 8th, 2014

Libya and Hawkish Revisionism

Max Boot indulges in some convenient revisionism: Saturday was the day the …

Posted July 30th, 2014

The “Middle Course” of Increased Hawkishness

George Will proposes a “middle course” between Bush and Obama on foreign …

Posted July 30th, 2014

The Dishonest Charge of Withdrawal and Disengagement

Fred Hiatt very much wants us to believe that America’s “gradual withdrawal” …

Posted July 28th, 2014

Learning the Wrong Lessons From the Libyan War

The Libyan war is now being treated as a “cautionary tale,” but …

Posted July 1st, 2014

How Obama Sets Himself Up To Fail in Foreign Policy (II)

Dan Drezner tries to make sense of Obama’s polling numbers on foreign …

Posted June 24th, 2014

Regional Opposition to Arming Syrian Rebels

Citing a Pew survey from earlier this year, Bruce Stokes notes that …

Posted June 20th, 2014

We Don’t Need To Hear From Any Iraq War Hawks

Jonathan Chait is partly right here, but his observations are not as …

Posted June 18th, 2014

A Warmonger By Any Other Name

Anne-Marie Slaughter thinks the U.S. should bomb in Iraq and Syria. She …

Posted June 18th, 2014

Why It’s a Waste of Time To Listen to Iraq War Hawks

Having learned absolutely nothing from their failure, they have nothing to teach.

Posted June 18th, 2014

Military Action and the Illusion of Control

Micah Zenko faults the tendency in our foreign policy debates to ascribe …

Posted June 16th, 2014

A Foreign Policy That Pleases No One (II)

Ross Douthat continues the discussion on Obama’s foreign policy: But at the …

Posted May 20th, 2014