Union, Kentucky

Says the reader:

Food and feasting are important to my family. Our birthday tradition is that the celebrant gets to choose the meal of their choice, which is then prepared for them. This is almost always a home-cooked meal with a southern flair. Even though we currently live in Kentucky, my family is from Alabama and my wife’s is from Texas. That influences a lot of our cooking decisions.

This was my wife’s birthday dinner. From front to back, that’s cornbread in the cast iron skillet, home made milk gravy, mixed greens from a can (Seasoned Glory, the best I can find up here), mashed potatoes with the skins on, and pan-fried pork chops.

That’s comfort food around my house.

My house too, though I’m the only one comforted by greens. We’re looking forward to the town festival in a month, when the men grind cornmeal and fry cracklins, and make cornbread laced with cracklins. You just want to die it’s so good.