If you haven’t seen that Jonathan Pie video, oh boy oh boy, are you in for a treat. Warning: the language is very vulgar in parts. Totally NSFW. Pie, by the way, is a fake news reporter played by Tom Walker. In the epic rant, he blames the left, including himself, for Trump’s victory, in part because the left’s political correctness has made it impossible for people to say what’s on their minds. Below, I’ve tried to embed a subtitled Facebook version, which you can watch with your sound muted.

I find that incredibly persuasive. If you’re Team Hillary, though, you prefer the sexism/Comey/the media/anybody but us argument. Or if you are an academic like sociology professor Crystal Fleming, you are burrowing down to a diamond-hard bubble in the center of the earth, sniffing glue. Behold, the narrative that we’re going to be living with for the next four years (she also calls President Obama a coward for calling for a peaceful transfer of power):