From a photo project showing the transformation of the faces of soldiers who have gone to war. This is the same soldier Before going into combat, During his tour of duty, and After. You’ve got to follow that link to see the others. It will help you understand what my blog’s reader Silouan Green meant when he said on the previous thread discussing the televangelist and his colleague who say soldiers can be cured of PTSD by believing a Bible verse:

I’ve worked with literally thousands of veterans with PTSD. Plenty of them are men and women of deep faith. Try watching your best friend get blown up and taste their flesh that has blown on your face while you engage in a brutal firefight, and see what that does to you, Christian or not. That is raw, but that is truth. War is literally hell and the reality of it doesn’t get talked about enough. PTSD breeds deep emotions of fear, guilt and shame that are hard to overcome. You can help someone with PTSD more by living your Christian faith than you can by telling them about it. Pray for our veterans. I was recently introduced to a young man who just learned of the 11th suicide from the platoon he served with in Afghanistan. It is heartbreaking.