This is the field next to our church and rectory. Our landlord, Ronnie Morgan (you’ll get to know him in Little Way), very kindly brought his tractor over several times and disced up the plot so we can plant a communal garden for the congregation. This is going to be a big garden! What we don’t use we are going to share with the broader community — especially Mr. Ronnie, who has been very, very generous with vegetables from his own garden.

Not sure what we’re going to plant yet, but I wanted to post this as a starting point, because I plan to update this blog throughout the growing season. I’m all about tomatoes, for sure. I said to our matushka (priest’s wife) the other day, “We need to get everybody into the habit of saving their compost and bringing it on Sundays to the church compost pile.” That’s not a conversation everybody gets to have with their pastor’s wife. We are blessed in and by our mission church. Didn’t some church father say the sweat of the congregation is the seed of the salad?