Ah, liberty.:

According to the highly respected demographer Nicholas Eberstadt, sex-selective abortion is much, much more common than thought.  Between 21 and 24 countries (depending on the data used) have a sex ratio at birth (SRB) of at least 107 males born for every 100 females, exceeding the ratio commonly held as natural, about 104 to 100.

These distorted SRBs are found on almost every continent and in societies comprising a wide array of religions and cultures: Catholic Italy and El Salvador, mixed-faith Lebanon and Muslim Libya, traditionally Confucian China and South Korea, traditionally Buddhist Vietnam, diverse India. In each place, parents are ordering sex-selective abortions to have sons—even in countries that ban prenatal gender-determination technology—largely based on the calculation that sons will contribute financially to the family and better provide for them in their old age. It’s the economy, not just cultural mores, that is creating a generation of ghost girls and lost boys.

Feminism is better for some females than for others.