Back home after a full day in the recording studio reading Little Way. Man, that was hard! I sat on a stool all day and read for six hours. We stopped because my voice was worn out. But we made it almost to the halfway point of the book, which puts us far ahead of schedule. It turns out that all those years of reading aloud to the kids turned me into a pretty good reader. The director was very pleased, and rarely had to ask me to re-read a line or two. My voice is pretty raw right now, and I’m under orders from the director not to use it tonight. If it holds up tomorrow, we’ll finish the entire recording in half the time we expected. 

I know this story intimately by now, but I still find myself marveling at the things Ruthie said and thought after she had cancer. What an incredible woman she was. Today, we ended the session with me flying back to Philly after her diagnosis, with me inspired by her to repent, to forgive others and ask for forgiveness of others, and so forth. Which I did. But I fell back into old ways.

Whatever happened to that guy? I liked who he was. Who his dying sister helped him to be, for a moment.