David Gibson has a video of Ernest Perce V, an atheist jerk, blaspheming the Prophet Muhammad in a Halloween parade in Mechanicsburg, a town in central Pennsylvania. A Muslim parade watcher apparently physically attacked the guy. The atheist was parading along the route dressed as “Zombie Muhammad.” Perce was accompanied by an atheist confrere masquerading as the “Zombie Pope.” The video, which was posted by the set-upon unbeliever, says, “Zombie Pope wants your boys.” Disgusting and hateful.

This came after the atheist group to which Perce belongs made a big stink to be allowed to march in the town’s Halloween parade. They used their presence in the parade to insult and degrade the town’s Catholics and Muslims with completely gratuitous attacks on their religion. What a pair of juveniles. For some atheists, it’s not enough to disbelieve in God; they aren’t satisfied unless they’ve managed to tell believers what a bunch of poltroons they all are.

To be perfectly clear, these Pennsylvania atheists have the right to say what they want to say without being attacked. No argument from me there. But having the right to offend your fellow citizens doesn’t imply the obligation to do so. What these two did was ugly and uncivil, and while I do not condone physical violence against them, I can’t say I feel the least bit sorry for this Perce troll. “Zombie Muhammad” — really?  If Perce had marched down the street calling out to the crowd, “Your mothers are all whores!”, that too would have been protected speech … but would anybody pity him if someone had come out of the crowd and punched him in the nose?