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Polygamy: The Next Frontier

The Law Of Merited Possibility covers plural marriage too

Posted February 18th, 2017

The Return of Mormon Polygamy?

It’s unlikely, but not implausible in the emerging America

Posted November 21st, 2014

You Have Hit The DreherBait Powerball!

OK, OK, would y’all please stop sending me this story about the …

Posted April 24th, 2014

Jumping Through The Overton Window

Last year, Joe Carter wrote about a helpful framework for understanding how …

Posted February 19th, 2014

And So The Campaign For Polygamy Begins

Now that same-sex marriage is all but a fait accompli in the …

Posted February 19th, 2014

Why The Polygamy Slope Is Slippery

More on the Utah ruling and the slippery constitutional slope from same-sex …

Posted December 16th, 2013

Utah & Polygamy: We Told You So

Well, that slope didn’t take long to turn slippery: A federal judge …

Posted December 15th, 2013

Unintended Consequences Of ‘Freedom’

You need to read Jim Antle’s piece in TAC this morning, discussing …

Posted July 1st, 2013