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Twilight Of The Elites — And The Rest Of Us

America can bear neither its vices nor their cure

Posted May 18th, 2017

‘Fallen! Fallen Is Babylon The Great!’

The global elite is setting itself up for a massive crash

Posted April 27th, 2017

Chris Arnade In Youngstown, Ohio

A former Wall Street trader goes to Trump’s America

Posted February 13th, 2017

What Came Before ‘Autocracy’

Yes, Trump bodes ill for good government. But pre-Trump Washington was not Pericles’ Athens

Posted January 31st, 2017

Legutko On The Trump Moment

Liberal establishment is ‘never satisfied with anything but an unconditional surrender of its opponents’ says philosopher. Trump must not yield

Posted November 21st, 2016

Meritocracy & the Middle Class

There may be no realistic resistance to the current American elites, but at least we can stop lying to ourselves

Posted February 8th, 2016

Trump & The Dreamliner

The US Establishment, headed for a hard landing

Posted January 21st, 2016

Institutionalizing Anti-Christianity

What we can expect as post-Christians march through US institutions

Posted January 7th, 2016

Zakaria Tips Elites’ Hand

Where are the #WhiteWorkingClassLivesMatters activists? At Donald Trump rallies

Posted January 4th, 2016

The Heart of the Trump Matter

A Southern, atheist, yellow-dog Democrat turned Trump supporter gives best explanation for Trumpism yet

Posted December 22nd, 2015

Silicon Valley Mordor

Techno-utopianism is the religion of the future

Posted March 6th, 2015

Lions & Christians in America

A new sociological study finds that ‘Christianophobia’ is not common — except among educated white elites

Posted February 17th, 2015

The Coming Tribulation

Peter Turchin says the US is going to face even more political …

Posted November 20th, 2013

Princeton Mom’s Kinsleyan Gaffe

Michael Kinsley famously said a “gaffe” is when a politician inadvertently tells …

Posted April 8th, 2013

The Decline Of Rich Societies

Chrystia Freedland points out that the Venetian Republic was once incredibly wealthy, …

Posted October 17th, 2012

Down With The American Elites

Ross Douthat is on fire this morning, talking about the 2008 Obama remarks …

Posted September 19th, 2012

Anglo-American Media Elite Merger

Hmm: The New York Times Company has named Mark Thompson, the outgoing …

Posted August 15th, 2012