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Space, Science & Stalinism

How the Matt Taylor shirt freakout explains the Soviet Union’s self-sabotage

Posted November 15th, 2014

When Liberal Bias Corrupts Science

Research shows that social psychology — a nearly all-liberal field — sees only what it wants to see

Posted November 3rd, 2014

I Keep Telling You People Sasquatch Exists!

Science journalist Carl Zimmer says we can’t rule out the possibility that …

Posted August 8th, 2014

Richard Dawkins Passes His Sell-By Date

I had not realized that Richard Dawkins had turned into such a …

Posted July 31st, 2014

The Secret Life Of Photons

This piece from New Statesman reports nothing new, but if you haven’t …

Posted July 10th, 2014

Climate Change & Tragedy Of The Commons

Noah Millman has responded to my post about the futility of fighting …

Posted May 14th, 2014

In Defense Of Global Warming Futility

I caught hell from some of you readers for heavily doubting that …

Posted May 13th, 2014

Don’t Invest In Beachfront Property

Or, alternatively, why my great-great-grandkids will have beachfront property if they just …

Posted May 12th, 2014

What Scientism Is, And Is Not

In yesterday’s Neil deGrasse Tyson discussion over scientism, more than a few …

Posted May 9th, 2014

Neil DeGrasse Tyson: Scientism’s Televangelist

Damon Linker knocks Neil deGrasse Tyson into orbit. Here’s how his column …

Posted May 8th, 2014

Race, Genetics, And Nicholas Wade

Writing in the Wall Street Journal, Charles Murray says the new book …

Posted May 5th, 2014

Why Your Kids Should Play Kerbal Space Program

  A reader passes on the cartoon above, from the excellent website …

Posted April 16th, 2014

Atheist: We Should Study Mystical Experience

Barbara Ehrenreich is a confirmed atheist, but she says she once had …

Posted April 7th, 2014

Walker Percy Takes Carl Sagan To School

Artur Rosman has a nice post excerpting Walker Percy’s nonfiction book Lost …

Posted March 19th, 2014

Andrei Linde Wins The Sweepstakes

I was traveling most of the day yesterday, and only got to …

Posted March 19th, 2014

Nailing The Big Bang

New evidence confirming and expanding on the Big Bang theory: In the …

Posted March 18th, 2014

Born To Be Rich, Born To Be Poor

For somebody like me, economist Gregory Clark’s piece on success and genetic …

Posted February 24th, 2014