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Jim Antle is editor of the Daily Caller News Foundation and senior editor at The American Spectator, and the author of Devouring Freedom: Can Big Government Ever Be Stopped? He is a former associate editor at TAC and his work has appeared at The Guardian, Politico, and Taki Mag.

Mark Udall’s Lame-Duck Opportunity

Here’s why the outgoing Colorado senator should leak the Senate report on CIA torture.

What to Watch for on Tuesday

Here are four ways this election could reshape Republican politics over the next two years.

Here’s How Rand Paul’s Conservative Realism Could Change the GOP

A real alternative to the hyper-hawkishness that has dominated foreign policy thinking for decades.

Bush Derangement Syndrome

What’s behind the right’s embarrassing reaction to a Times report on chemical weapons in Iraq?

Here’s Why GOP Interventionism Is Back

Republican hawks are getting reinforcements and gaining ground—and not just because of ISIS.

Why Rand Paul Is Different

Can the Kentucky senator go beyond his libertarian father’s achievement—or is he doomed to sell out?

Seven Awful Reasons for Bypassing Congress on ISIS

The Constitution is clear on war powers, and yet Congress may not weigh in until next year.

The War on ISIS Has No Legal Basis

How open-ended authorizations of force undermine congressional war powers.

Ted Cruz’s Islamist Threat

The Texas senator’s crude view of the Mideast unites extremists against America’s interests.

Rand Paul and “Isolationist” Name-Calling

A response to Commentary‘s Seth Mandel

Can Rand Paul Open the GOP’s Foreign-Policy Mind?

Too many hawks want to limit Republicans’ choices to neoconservatism or “isolationism.” Prudent conservatives know better.

Three Endangered Democrats for Civil Liberties

The party of Hillary Clinton still has a few opponents of the surveillance state—but can they win?

Realism on ISIS

The rise of the Islamic State is upending U.S. policy toward Syria and Iran as hawks push for a wider war.

America’s Self-Inflicted Iraq Defeat

Remember how the hawks sold the war in 2003—and why Dick Cheney opposed going to Baghdad in ’91.

What Did We Learn From the Iraq War?

As bombs drop again, revisiting a decade of foreign-policy disasters becomes a matter of life or death.

Why Justin Amash Is Likely to Win

Libertarian politics are on the rise in Michigan. Here’s what to watch for on Tuesday.

Here Are 5 Ways to Fix Republican Foreign Policy

From involving economic conservatives to introducing evangelicals to just war theory, this is how it starts.

How to Reform Republican Foreign Policy

The GOP now admits the Iraq War was a mistake. So why is Rand Paul virtually alone in proposing a new approach to world affairs?

Target: Justin Amash

The Michigan Republican who challenged the NSA faces “the ugliest House primary of the cycle.”

Rand With Israel

Is the Kentucky senator sending mixed signals on Mideast peace?

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