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Commentary to Trump Voters: Drop Dead

One writer for the neoconservative magazine says globalism’s losers are outnumbered, and now it’s time to “overwhelm” them.

A Hearty Welcome to the Spectator USA

The British are coming—with a fresh take on American politics and policy.

America’s Tumultuous History With Tariffs

From McKinley to Reagan, Donald Trump has plenty of precedent if he’s looking for it.

Robert Merry Responds to Charlie Savage’s Twitter Challenge

Savage thinks he’s been vindicated by the Democratic rebuttal to the Nunes memo. He hasn’t.

Russia’s Election Meddling: Worse Than a Crime; a Blunder

U.S.-Russian hostility is now inevitable, and the results could be tragic.

Remembering Jeff Bell: Supply-Side Giant-Slayer

He took on New Jersey’s Clifford Case and forever changed the way Reagan conservatives talked about the economy.

The Nunes Memo and the Death of American Journalism

Remember when reporters spent their time digging for answers rather than advancing their favored political narratives?

A Speech That Smashed Political Orthodoxy

Trump’s first State of the Union was neither Republican or Democrat, fresh on immigration and disturbing on foreign policy.

How Europe Built Its Own Funeral Pyre, Then Leapt In

Mass immigration, guilt and a continent on the brink of ‘societal catastrophe.’

Donald Trump’s Empty Governance

The president’s personal limitations have kept him from being a great leader, leaving his supporters the most vulnerable.

Trump’s Tax Gambit: Hoping for a Reagan Repeat

Will the GOP’s legislative victory result in another boom?

Co-opted: Trump’s ‘New’ Security Strategy is Old Warmongering

So how did such a dangerous document emerge from the White House?

Would ‘Rexit’ Mean First Step Toward War With Iran?

There’s no counterweight to Kushner, Neocons or other hawks in White House.

Lack of Reagan Gumption Ensures Top Tax Rate Stays

Apparently what happened in 1986 stays in 1986.

Trump is Pulling a Libya on Iran

Muammar Qaddafi learned the hard way how the U.S. reneges on deals.

What David Brooks (Still) Doesn’t Understand About America

His “universal nation” idea has gotten us into trouble before.

Eric Foner’s Artful Finesse on Lee Statues

Rubbing out history—even ‘metaphorically’—won’t help us understand it.

Trump Had Big Advantage on Immigration and He’s Blowing It

He could be saving ‘Dreamers,’ and building his wall, too.

David Stockman Takes Aim at the ‘Washington War Party’

Longtime contrarian continues to be a fly in the establishment’s ointment.

Bannon Firing Proves Trump is Winging It

He risks having no base from which to build, no prospect for governance.

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