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The Nuclear-Free Nightmare

The West has enjoyed relative peace for over 70 years thanks to the bomb.

Recognize the Islamic State

If European countries won’t charge would-be jihadis with sedition, make the charges treason.

History and the Limits of the Climate Consensus

Acknowledging the science of global warming does not require accepting that it is immune to criticism.

The Islamic State’s Retro Map

National borders are being superseded by the ancient battleground of al-Jazira.

The Challenge of Lone Wolf Terrorism

In San Bernardino and elsewhere, Islamists may be employing leaderless resistance tactics once used by neo-Nazis.

The Case for Mosque Surveillance

No government can effectively fight terrorism with defense alone. Intelligence is required.

Fertility and the Fate of Nations

The Turks fear being outbred by Kurds more than bombing by ISIS.

Britain’s Botched Child Abuse Scandal

Scotland Yard feeds a media frenzy against top politicians by publicizing salacious and anonymous accusations.

Germany’s Coming Demographic Revolution

Islamization was once overblown, but this time Europe may actually see radical change.

Blinded by the ‘Red Scare’

Laughing away communism’s very real historical threats allows today’s dangerous extremisms to escape cultural notice.

The Disastrous Economics of Scottish Independence

The SNP’s huge electoral gains do not change the monetary math that would collapse an autonomous Scotland.

The Myth of the Inevitable War

History should caution the United States from believing that armed conflict with “perpetual” enemies is unavoidable.

The Long Hot Summer of 2015

The Baltimore riots follow a chronological pattern of violence that has persisted throughout U.S. history.

Putin’s Corrupted Orthodoxy

Russia’s military-ecclesiastical complex has fueled a dangerous revival in religious nationalism.

Pedophile Rings in Thatcher’s Britain—Myth or Fact?

The UK’s establishment stands accused of rape and murder—but the tale sounds suspiciously familiar to those who remember America’s “Satanic abuse” hoax.

‘False Flags,’ Charlie Hebdo, and Martin Luther King

Knowing who carried out an act of terror doesn’t always tell us who was ultimately behind it.

Saddam’s Strategy Against ISIS

Why America can’t do what it takes to win—and where that leaves us.

The Case Against a Unified Kurdistan

Encouraging Kurdish secession would only spread regional chaos and strife to those few places still free of it.

The Paranoid Style in Liberal Politics

As a shrewd cultural critic, Alan Wolfe is always worth reading. Recently …

How a Shopping Mall Becomes a Killing Zone

This really is frightening. Terrorist incidents tell us nothing new about human …

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