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Leon Hadar is a foreign policy analyst, author, and contributing editor at TAC. He holds a Ph.D. from American University, and is the author of the books Quagmire: America in the Middle East and Sandstorm: Policy Failure in the Middle East. He is a Wikistrat expert and former Cato Institute research fellow, and his articles have appeared in the New York Times, The Washington Post, Washington Times, The Los Angeles Times, Foreign Affairs, Foreign Policy, and the National Interest.

Why ‘This Town’ Loves Going to War

Fame, fortune, and thrill reward denizens of DC who urge America to new crusades.

Syria Is Not Kosovo

But the alliance of liberal internationalist and neoconservative “experts” is back.

In Egypt, Neither a Coup Nor a Revolution

The Arab Spring is looking more like Europe’s failed revolutions of 1848 all the time.

A Question Libertarians Can Answer Easily

By asking “If libertarianism is such a good idea, why aren’t there …

Does Samantha Power Mean War?

The humanitarian hawk must betray her principles—or lead the Obama administration into Syria.

Was Benjamin Cardozo Hispanic?

Progressives have a double-standard on race, science, and public policy.

What Does It Mean To Be an American?

Why the immigration debate should be about language and culture more than jobs—and not just race.

What Jackie Robinson Can Teach Rand Paul

Is today’s GOP the party for someone who would break the color barrier?

The Sun Sets on the “Special Relationship”

What would Margaret Thatcher do in a post-American world?

How Do You Say “Quagmire” in French?

The unlearned lessons of the Vietnam War

How Capitalism Saved Chile

And what “No”—an anti-Pinochet film Milton Friedman might have loved—teaches us about regime change.

Waiting for Senator Fulbright

My first reaction to Senator Rand Paul’s foreign policy address at the …

Should the Redskins Go Coed?

Why we shouldn’t have women in combat

Dreaming of Robert Taft, Getting John Bolton

After following Chuck Hagel’s Senate confirmation hearings and reading Daniel McCarthy’s thoughtful post …

It’s Still Jon Huntsman’s Moment

Republicans don’t need a grand transformation, just a sensible candidate.

Is Barack Obama Really a Realist?

At the risk of turning this site into an online seminar on …

What Would Kissinger Do?

Historians studying Russian and German foreign policy in the last century have …

Is Barack Obama a Republican Realist?

His foreign policy recalls George H.W. Bush—and his domestic policy could be Ike’s or Nixon’s.

The Arab Spring: A Reality Check

A few days after the fall of the Mubarak regime in Egypt …

The Party of Silicon Valley?

Nate Silver had an interesting piece yesterday which concludes based on statistical …

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