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Noah Millman, senior editor, is an opinion journalist, critic, screenwriter, and filmmaker who joined The American Conservative in 2012. Prior to joining TAC, he was a regular blogger at The American Scene. Millman’s work has also appeared in The New York Times Book Review, The Week, Politico, First Things, Commentary, and on The Economist’s online blogs. He lives in Brooklyn.

Thuggery in Montana

Where did Greg Gianforte think he was — the Turkish embassy?

Jerusalem, 50 Years On

How long can an unstable ambiguity endure? Perhaps a very long time indeed

Thoughts on the 25th Amendment

Debating Ross Douthat’s call for a cabinet coup

Morning Edition

I talk about the threat to civilian control of the military

Should We Be Worried About China?

Of course we should — but the right response is to invest more in our own productive capacity, not to engage in neocolonial competition

A Soft Coup in the Offing?

Will the military and intelligence services ring-fence the president in the name of protecting national security?

Callista Gingrich to the Vatican

Time for a two-minute snark

The Tragedy of James Comey

His fatal flaw was inseparable from his cardinal virtue: his belief in the importance of his own rectitude

Trump’s Leaky Ship Sails On

But how much longer can it possibly stay afloat?

Does Macron’s Victory Give Europe a Real Chance?

If ever deeper union has a future, Macron and Merkel may be the best leaders to take Europe there

In France, the Center Holds

Is the populist tide receding? Or just taking a breather?

The Marketplace of Ideas in the Age of Plutocracy

A review of Dan Drezner’s book, The Ideas Industry

Can the Left Respond to Right-Wing Populism?

The center of the storm shifts to France

Going Over the Top One More Time

Does the AHCA debacle herald something far more ominous in the GOP’s future?

Douthat, Le Pen, Again

The New York Times opinion writer responds to critics of his quasi-endorsement over the weekend

McCarthy on Le Pen

Why is she anathema while Trump deserved support?

The Unspeakable Horror of the Literary Life: Internet Edition

Michael Brendan Dougherty’s final column at The Week

Steve Sailer’s Moment

How will he seize it?

Why Not Le Pen?

Ross Douthat and myself on the case for and against the French tribune of populist nationalism

Trump and the Thucydides Trap

Could sloth and incompetence prevent war?

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