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A Flawed Indictment of White America

Personal grievance does not necessarily make for good politics.

Last Days for White Protestants?

Loss of primacy of place is not the same thing as extinction.

The Horse Race Begins

It will come down to Clinton and Trump, not their running mates.

Hillary Is Still Fighting

Sanders has a mandate to push for a more progressive platform at the Democratic convention.

The Democratic Party Now Belongs to Hillary Clinton

Sanders may have crowds, but Hillary has the coalition.

How to Win a Presidential Primary

Candidates who don’t respect the season’s history and procedures are unlikely to make it to the finish line.

The GOP in the Desert

A new guide to the 2016 field shows how far Republicans must travel to reconnect with their base.

The Man Fixing Israel’s Blue America Problem

Veteran diplomat Dennis Ross massages Netanyahu’s strained relations with Democrats—while auditioning for the next Clinton administration.

Michael Oren’s Problem With American Jews

They’ve joined Obama’s multicultural coalition, as Israel embraces right-wing ethnocentrism.

David Axelrod’s Multiethnic Machine

Obama’s political guru frankly fused liberal idealism with urban transactional politics.

Didn’t Everybody Love Reagan?

Rick Perlstein tries to take down the The Gipper and the conservative movement with a single shot.

2012’s Lessons for Republicans

George McGovern’s coalition has finally prevailed—but why?

Obama’s Nerds

The new science of political campaigns