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Jon Basil Utley is publisher of The American Conservative. Utley is a graduate of Georgetown University’s School of Foreign Service with language studies in Germany and France. He first worked for American International Group insurance in Cuba, Venezuela and Colombia. Later he became a foreign correspondent in South America for Knight Ridder newspapers and for 17 years, starting during the Reagan Administration, was a commentator about third world issues on the Voice of America. He managed an oil drilling partnership in Pennsylvania and later worked in real estate development. He has written for the Harvard Business Review, Washington Post, and other papers. He was formerly founding editor of The Bogota Bulletin, associate editor of The Times of the Americas, and a contributing editor to The Conservative Digest. He was born in Moscow. After his father, a Russian trade official, was sent to a gulag and killed by Stalin, his mother, Freda Utley, became a prominent anticommunist author and activist.

Netanyahu and the Crumbling Israeli Lobby

Support for the Likud prime minister’s hardline policies is fading among American Jews and Christians alike.

Libertarians and Putin’s Catastrophic Corruption

Russia risks becoming a chaotic “failed state.” Here’s how we should respond.

Reagan’s Man at VOA: Kenneth Tomlinson, RIP

Ken Tomlinson, who died last week, was one of Ronald Reagan’s key …

Electoral Systems and Failed Democracies

Russia, Ukraine, Greece, Iraq—they all use proportional representation.

Top Marine General on America’s Way of War—Jamestown Foundation Terrorism Conference

Jamestown Foundation is an old-line think tank founded during the Cold War …

Are We Rome? FreedomFest 2013 Meets in Las Vegas

FreedomFest, held every July in Las Vegas, is becoming quite the libertarian/conservative …

The Untold Story of Antiwar Conservatives

And how the truth about invading Iraq was suppressed by laptop bombardiers.

Military Readiness–for What?

Sequestration doesn’t harm national defense, it only cuts Pentagon overkill.

16 Ways to Cut Defense Spending

The greatest threat to our national security is how much our militarism costs.

Benghazi, Mali, and the Need for a Defensive American Strategy

The greatest threat to America is not what foreigners do to us; …

Cut Military Waste, Not Charitable Deductions

And save mortgage tax breaks by winding up the Afghan War.

Sucker Bait: Tax Rate Cuts for Lost Deductions

Going after ‘loopholes’ is good politics, but bad news for taxpayers.

FreedomFest in Las Vegas

FreedomFest is the great annual meeting of libertarians in Las Vegas organized …

Sequestration: The Way to Cut Defense Waste

Eight ideas to keep America solvent and safe.

J Street and the Israeli Lobby

“J Street supporters are pro-peace first and pro-Israel second” is the criticism …

A Vote for Austerity Is a Vote for Peace

Americans who despair of Washington ever cutting waste from its trillion dollar …

“The Gray”: A Man’s Movie

“The Gray” is about oil workers surviving a crashed plane in Alaska. …

Lessons in Empire

England and the First World War

Evangelicals, Ron Paul and War

Is supporting war more important for evangelicals than their social values? Isn’t …

D.C.’s Bunker Mentality

Washingtonians had their city’s downtown cut in half after the 9/11 attack. …

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