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Jon Basil Utley is publisher of The American Conservative. He is a graduate of Georgetown University’s School of Foreign Service with language studies in Germany and France. He first worked for American International Group insurance in Cuba, Venezuela and Colombia. He was founding editor/publisher of The Bogota Bulletin. Later he worked in finance and insurance in Peru. Then he became a foreign correspondent in South America for Knight Ridder newspapers. For 17 years, starting during the Reagan Administration, he was a contract commentator about communism and third world issues on the Voice of America. After the collapse of communism he worked with the Atlas Network on supporting the creation of free market think tanks in Russia and Eastern Europe. He managed an oil drilling partnership in Pennsylvania and later worked in real estate development. He has written for the Harvard Business Review, Washington Post, Journal of Commerce, Miami Herald and other papers. He was associate editor of The Times of the Americas, and a contributing editor to Conservative Digest. Utley was born in Moscow. His father, Arkadi Berdichevsky, a Russian trade official, was arrested in 1936 and later executed during the Soviet purges. His English mother, Freda Utley, escaped Russia with him. They immigrated to America in 1939, where she became a prominent anticommunist author and activist.

Will the Jihadist Wars Truly Be Endless?

Washington security experts, including National Security Advisor H.R. McMaster, certainly think so.

Iraq, Syria, Iran…Are We To Destroy Iran Next?

Neoconservatives won’t stop until their plans to remake the Middle East are realized.

Why is Defense Waste Taboo in the Tax Debate?

For all the talk about spending and debt, wars are never on the table.

Silk Road is Soft Power for Expanding China

U.S. government and major American corporations are already on board.

A Destitute Mexico: Is That What We Want?

Immigrants, illegal or otherwise, aren’t the cause of our economic problems.

Environmental Extremists and Lost Jobs

In defense of Rep. John Duncan’s brief.

Submit the Paris Treaty to the Senate

It’s the best way out of the climate morass.

In Praise of Immigrants

Three inventions which put America back on top

Moscow Sees Its Coldest Christmas in 120 Years

Australia and South America also had cold-weather records. Why is nobody talking about it?

2017: A Message from TAC’s Publisher

The new year promises challenges. We stand ready to meet them.

Will Trump Stop the Rogue EPA?

A tough new director from Oklahoma will end the blue-collar job killing.

Mattis on Our Way of War

With the neocons discredited, no other strategy has replaced theirs except to “win” and come home.

Trump and the Neoconservatives

John Bolton for secretary of state?

Why Socialism Is Still Popular

Evolutionary psychology may explain it.

White Russia Makes Progress

A visit to Minsk reveals a peaceful transition to economic freedom.

Why Civil Defense Still Matters

Meet the Doctors for Disaster Preparedness

Trump and Washington’s Wars

What he could and couldn’t do

Trump’s Trade Deficits

Six ways Washington handicaps U.S. exporters

Among the Rubble of the Freedom Agenda

Bombing occupied cities might liberate them from ISIS—but what will survive?

Why Military Hospitals Are Unhealthy and Inefficient

The Pentagon needs more oversight of its sprawling health care network.

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