July 2011

Cover Story

Mission Accomplished?

On May 2, Navy SEALs killed Osama bin Laden in Pakistan. TAC asks six foreign-policy experts to consider the implications for the War on Terror.

Osama’s Ghost

Bin Laden is dead, but his strategy still bleeds the United States.


Happiness Implosion

Seven cult films chronicle the collapse of ’60s idealism.

Born to Consume

For MTV, teen pregnancy is big business.

Radical Kirk

Kirkpatrick Sale’s secessionism brings left and right together.

Alternate History

The right needs a narrative to refute the superstitions of progress.

Why Not Keynes?

Adam Smith’s disciples run America—and that’s the problem.

The Keynesian Failure

A response to the essay “Why Not Keynes?” by James K. Galbraith.

Torture’s Comeback

Don’t rush to credit waterboarding for catching bin Laden.

Liberty’s Maverick

Rep. Justin Amash sticks to the Constitution—even when it hurts.