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Welcome to the New TheAmericanConservative.com

As the magazine celebrates 20 years, we launch a redesigned website.

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You may have noticed things look a bit different around here. Welcome to The American Conservative’s new website.

For twenty years, TAC has been getting it right. As the American right was lining up to support a disastrous regime change war in Iraq, our founding editors took a bold, unpopular stand against that misadventure. The idea behind the magazine was simple: On issues ranging from foreign policy to immigration to faith & family, the major conservative magazines did not represent the interests of the American people. A new conservative voice was needed. TAC launched as a biweekly print magazine, with the first issue arriving October 7, 2002.


At the time, we were mocked. Twenty years on, we’ve been vindicated. The Republican Party in 2022 far more closely resembles Pat Buchanan’s vision than George W. Bush’s. As we look towards the next twenty years and beyond, it’s time to solidify our place and the premier magazine of the right.

This new site represents a major step forward in that work. Our print magazine remains an important anchor to our editorial process. But with the majority of our readership now online, it is time to reinvest in our web presence. The new site is designed with you, the reader, in mind. Our content is now presented in a more reader-friendly aesthetic, and our homepage is designed to give you our top content first. You’ll also notice more integration with our print magazine, with similar fonts, colors, and designs across both web and print, unifying our editorial product.

The design isn’t the only change you’ll see. The site has been completely rebuilt to minimize crashes, and optimized for search, social, and mobile. And you’ll find more opportunities to engage with our work, whether through joining our email list or becoming a member.

A note on membership: Part of our success is due to our business model. TAC is published by the American Ideas Institute, a 501c3 non-profit. As a non-profit, TAC is fortunate not to be beholden to the whims of any one deep-pocketed owner, or the need to chase clicks. We are supported by you, our readers. We enjoy a broad base of philanthropic support—individuals and foundations who believe in our mission of advancing a “Main Street” vision for conservatism. This model is how we can maintain our ideological independence, provide the best conservative journalism, and stay true to the mission that has guided us for twenty years.

So I invite you to join us. Membership starts at just $5 per month, and entails a number of special benefits. You’ll have access to all TAC web content and the full print archive. You’ll enjoy an ad-free reading experience across the site. You’ll be able to join the conversation by commenting on articles and blog posts. And perhaps most importantly, you’ll be part of our community of Main Street conservatives, sustaining our ambitious growth plans for years to come.


TAC was right from the beginning, and as we celebrate our twentieth anniversary this year, we don’t intend to slow down. The future of the American right is as open as it has been in decades. Once-settled questions surrounding foreign policy, trade, immigration, and family are live once more. The right needs a forum to discuss and debate these questions, a true magazine of ideas to provide the basis for a renewed conservative vision for America. That’s the task TAC started twenty years ago. And it’s the movement we will lead now.

I encourage you to click around the new site. Catch up on the latest from Rod Dreher’s blog. Take a listen to the most recent episode of TAC Right Now. Check out the thought-provoking conferences and events we have coming up.

And let us know what you think! Any project of this magnitude is an ongoing process. We’ll continue making tweaks in the weeks and months to come to ensure a seamless reading experience. We welcome your feedback at letters@theamercanconservative.com.

This is your new home for the best in conservative thought. Welcome.