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China Revolutionizes World Trade While Washington Dozes

The Belt and Road Initiative has come to Turkey and Greece while the U.S. cannibalizes the system that made it great.
Geoffrey Aronson December 6, 2019

How Emmanuel Macron Co-Opted the French Right

By winning over both Gaullist and liberal conservatives, he's rewritten France's political calculus yet again.
Luke Nicastro December 4, 2019

Trump and China: Destined for Trade War No More

Next year could see a much needed strategic pause between the two nations.
Harry J. Kazianis December 4, 2019

Fears That Saudi-Exported Extremism is Spreading Throughout Africa

Ethiopia has been shaken by attacks on Christian churches, and some fear that Wahhabism may be to blame.
James Jeffrey December 4, 2019

This Isn’t Over: Time for the NBA to Go on Offense Against China

The league is uniquely positioned to dunk on the People’s Republic’s human rights atrocities.
Alan Tonelson December 3, 2019

What the EU Feared the Most: Boris Johnson Cruising to Victory

He has an opportunity to take substantial action on spending, health care, and Brexit. Is he radical enough?
Bill Wirtz December 3, 2019

In Hong Kong, it’s now Us Vs. the Chinese

We have finally weighed in on behalf of the protesters, but will we have their backs if Beijing moves in to crush them?
Patrick Buchanan December 3, 2019

Is Macron Right? Is NATO Brain Dead?

Germany isn't happy but he has a point. What good has the alliance done post-Cold War?
Patrick Buchanan November 26, 2019

Indicted Netanyahu Channels Trump in Defiance

Israel's longest serving prime minister is down, but far from being out.
Geoffrey Aronson November 22, 2019

Arab Spring 2.0: Don’t Get Any Ideas, Washington

From Iran to Egypt, the Middle East is on fire and for once the U.S. has nothing to do with it. Let's keep it that way.
Doug Bandow November 21, 2019